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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


It’s a Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments day!

Our post this time out concerns Buffy and the Scooby Gang and we’re taking a look at Season 9, Issue 3: part III of the “Freefall” arc.

Our focus characters will be: Buffy, Det. Cheung, Det. Dowling, Spike, Dawn, Xander, Willow, and Eldre Koh.

Wow: So many, and you just know that most of them only gave dialog and won’t make any difference to this entry. That’s kinda annoying, actually, since I have to do the inspection for each of them anyway….

Our Characters Are Really Neat-o-Keen!

Buffy: I like that Buffy is at least ready to admit that shattering The Seed may have had some unintended consequences. I still agree with her that she did the right thing at the time, but it’s important not to ignore any damage done as well. She gets a Half-KUDO.

Miranda: I got nothing for Miranda.

Robert: I got nothing to give to Robert.

Spike: Hmm. Spike was able to track down Koh without knowing anymore than “somebody is after the Slayer”, so I’ll hand him a Half-KUDO.

Dawn: I’ve nothing to hand to Dawn.

Xan: I’d love to give a reward for “zompires”, but that’s really not worth a kudo. Nothing for Xan, except my acknowledgement.

Wills: I’ve nothing to issue to Willow, either.

Koh: Koh has come to warn the Slayer, but why is the question. I’m not ready to give him a kudo just for bringing news.

I’m giving Severin a KUDO, despite being a bad guy. He’s killed dozens upon dozens of vampires and zompires and that’s a good thing. His reason for doing so sucks, but before he shows his true colors, he’s been busy helping.

Our Characters Are Really The Pits!

Buffy- I feel like Buffy was a bit too quick to trust the stranger with energy sucking powers. She knows how every Tom, Dick and Simone wants to hurt her and I don’t like how she’s so ready to be isolated with this guy. I’ll issue a Half-DEMERIT for not being much more careful.

Miranda- No demerits from Ms. Cranky.

Robert- No demerits for Dowling.

Spike- Spike should be dead. Koh should’ve decapitated him before he even knew he was in the cell with him. Unusually clumsy for him: DEMERIT

Dawn- I won’t pretend that Dawn didn’t annoy me by making Buffy leave. But, I can see things from her POV when it comes to not wanting Buffy to bring the police down on her “attempted normal” life. I’m going to let her slide.

Xan- If I’m not issuing demerits at Dawn for not letting Buffy sleep over when she was wanted by the cops, then I can’t issue one to Xan for the same reasons.

Willow- Willow really annoyed me, too, by ignoring Buffy’s Scooby Gang summons. I was going to let her slide though because she’s AT WORK and needs to keep her job. But then Buffy called on Dawn’s phone, and she immediately picked up with a grin. Clearly Willow just ignored Buffy’s call because she’s still being self-involved over her magic. She earned herself a Half-DEMERIT.

Eldre Koh- Koh doesn’t earn a demerit, though he’s also rather clumsy for somebody who kills “blood rats” just for breathing the same air as he does. That came close to earning him a demerit, but I let it slide.

I was going to give Clare a demerit for wanting to be a vampire, but she doesn’t know them the way we’ve seen them for 8 years. I can see the appeal of wanting to stay young, vivacious, not having to worry anymore about the ins and outs of daily human life… yeah, I can let her slide.

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