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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith, issue 2


Let’s take another trip to England, shall we, and do some snooping and judging of Angel and Faith. We’ll be taking a look at this here post for the “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” at Angel & Faith, Season 01, Issue 02.

Our Focus Characters are, unshockingly: Angel and Faith. But we’ll also be giving Nadira closer scrutiny as well.

Our Characters Are Swell!

Angel: Angel’s whole “let the demon go, because he can’t escape me anyway” plan was clever and could’ve earned a half-kudo. But, not informing your fighting partner was sloppy. What if she’d killed him, instead?

Faith: Nothing in particular for Faith, but there was plenty I liked her character for in this issue.

Nadira: I’ve no reward for Nadira.

Our Characters Are uh-Not Swell!

Angel- I’m not issuing a demerit to Angel, but this whole resurrect Giles business had me really worried… for Giles’ sake, not his.

Faith- I’ve nothing to judge against Faith for, though I do think she was a bit clumsy with fighting with fire in an enclosed space without considering how that could’ve gone wrong.

Nadira- Hmm. I could knock Nadira for her rush into battle without back up, but then I’d need to do the same for just about every single episode/issue of Buffy for her too. So, I’m not going to ding Nadira for being a Slayer go-getter. She’s just lucky this time that vampire-guy was such a sucky and impatient shot.

Oh, my lord. How do you miss one girl -- even a Slayer -- with a submachine gun after taking her completely by surprise? Our Gun Toting Vampire gets an embarrassing DEMERIT.

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