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Hey, guys.

  Today's posts are going to be for Best Of / Worst Ofs for BTVS and Angel & Faith. But before getting into those, I've been up since 05:00 for some unholy, evil reason that only my brain knows and it's hiding the information from me.

  So, I've been browsing Ye Olde You Tube agains. And while I found a few more to "like", I've only one that I favorited. If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, check out this Too Far Gone Tribute. It is quite well done, taking care to match the lyrics with the visuals. But spoiler -- there was a major character death in this episode and both the vid and my entry in the YouTube Roundup reflect that information. Though I have trouble believing it could still be spoiled at this point.

  I'll see you in a bit.

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