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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith, Issue 01


Welcome back again! This post we’re going to be taking a look at the first issue of Angel, Season 7... Though they insist on calling it ‘Angel & Faith’ and miscalling it season 9, which annoys me. But this isn’t about my quirks, it’s about taking a look at our characters and judging them for their actions.

Our main characters today are: Angel, Faith, Flashback!Giles and Nadira the Vampire Slayer.

Our Characters Are Amazing!

Angel- I like the idea of Angel honoring Rupert Giles’ life by taking on his unfinished tasks and helping people. Half-KUDO

Faith- Faith does the slayer thing, but what I was going to give her a kudo over was in helping get Angel back on his feet and into action: But, she already got a reward for that with BTVS, S8, I40 so never mind. I like her taking the London Slayers under her wing, but right now that doesn’t earn a kudo yet.

Rupert- Our past!Giles gets a KUDO for saving a little girl with his own intended sacrifice. Thankfully, his bloodletting wasn’t the killing blow it was meant as, but I’m very big on the self-sacrifice thing.

Nadira- I’ve got no kudo for Nadira this time.

Our Characters Are Sucking The Suck!

Angel: Angel really cut me with that remark about Giles, ploy against the demon he was fighting or no, but it isn’t enough to earn a demerit. It came close, though.

Faith: I’m worried about Faith hiding Angel and her relationship from the powder keg that is Nadira but I can’t fault her for not spilling everything right away considering Nadira’s just voiced desire to kill him. It’s a messy situation that is going to have to be dealt with, but I can understand the desire to put it off until some other time. No demerits for Faith about it, just my deep concern.

Rupert: I’ve got no demerits to issue to past!Rupert.

Nadira: I’ve nothing to demerit Nadira for, but she’s seemingly struggling not to lose control and that worries me for the future.

Whistler teams up with Nash & Pearl!?! DEMERIT

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