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Best Of / Worst Of BTVS Character Moments: Season 9, Issue 1


Good Morning folks.

  Welcome to our Season 9 edition of “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where we’re diving in with Issue #1 and the beginning of the ‘Freefall’ arc.

  Our characters are… uh, everyone? Well, maybe close except we don’t list cameos here, so our actual focus characters will be: Buffy, Willow and Spike.

  I’m gonna put everyone else as either a cameo or an extended cameo so if they earned my congrats or my ire, they’ll get special rewards.

Our Characters Do Us Proud!

Buffy- I’ve no kudos to hand to Buffy as she tries to get her new life a go. It’s another attempt at having a regular job and her own bills and the like.

Willow- Wills also doesn’t earn a kudo, but I did appreciate her waiting nearly all issue before she started in on the “you did it wrong” thing about The Seed.

Spike- Spike -- always the supporter, with a hint of sarcasm. No kudo, but I like our current vampire.

Okay, big yay to Andrew Wells. He gets a KUDO for actually doing something with the new freedom that everyone thinks has come with the end of the Slayer Army and worldwide threats: Starting a disaster relief organization with Slayer strengths is an awesome idea!

Our Characters Are Shameful!

Buffy: Buffy has a wild party… so what? No demerits for her.

Willow: Willow also doesn’t earn herself a demerit this time out.

Spike: I’ve no demerits to hand to Spike.

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