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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: X-Files


Good Morning, and welcome to another edition of “Best of / Worst of Character Moments”. Today’s subject will not be in the Buffyverse, where we’ve been spending a lot of time of late. No, today we’re going to wander over into the letter X-universes with “The X-Files”.

Our subject for today’s inspection is the episode “Ice”. And as is usual for our X-Files episodes, we only have two main focus characters: Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Let’s take a look at where characters shined like a beacon of hope and where we only wished they would.

Our Characters Shined!

Dana: Despite some good work by our agent, she also had some clumsy moments and none of what Scully did was good enough moments to earn a kudo.

Fox: I’m also disappointed that I can’t find anything to reward Mulder for.

We must give a KUDO to Opening Scientist #1 and Opening Scientists #2 for taking their own lives in a desperate attempt to stop the infection from spreading to the populated world. It’s terribly bleak, but it was also very brave of them both.

I’m going to give Xander Hodge a Half-KUDO for being the only scientist on the team to actively and consistently advocate for self-quarantine, first and foremost to prevent infection. Everybody else starts with that view, until they’re at risk [or for Dana, until she’s worried about Mulder] but Xander is the one to keep telling everybody that no one is leaving as long as there is a risk they’re carrying the parasite.

Our Characters Snuffed The Light!

Scully- I’ve no reason to ding Dana for her behavior.

Mulder- Fox’s argument to preserve the possibly alien worm, rather than finding a way to kill the damned thing is just SO stupid and logically flawed that it’s embarrassing. He gets a Half-DEMERIT for, uh, not making sense. And wanting to risk a pandemic to vindicate his own personal obsessions, but mostly because his argument is logically and common-sensibly invalid and deeply dumb.

Oh, Bear Kober: Hiding that you’ve possibly been infected by an agent that turned everybody else associated with the infection murderous/suicidal is stupid. What exactly was the plan, even if you’d made it back to civilization? That sort of cowardice just drives me crazy and you get a DEMERIT. If everyone was ready to shoot any infected, I’d understand the fear of exposing your status, but that isn’t the situation. And not being able to fly out of there right away isn’t a good enough reasoning to risk contamination of every other person you meet before you, apparently, lose your mind.

I also can’t stand our toxicologist, Dr. Da Silva who apparently hasn’t one whit of scientific curiosity or interest in doing anything related to her job, making me wonder just what she was pursuing her degree for in the first place. She gets a DEMERIT for passing up one opportunity after another to perform basic scientific inquiry involving her field of expertise, instead choosing to go the “damsel in distress” route.

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