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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS: "Dead Man's Party"


Welcome back guys. I’m planning/hoping/almost ready to post the newest review later today, but in the meantime, let’s revisit Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” posting.

I’ve been so busy with doing so through Buffy, Season 8 that the tv series sort of got left on the back burner. Today, we’re going to go back to Season 3 and take a closer look at our characters in “Dead Man’s Party”.

Our focus characters are: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Cordelia, Oz and Joyce.

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here… except for that pesky vampire who is currently in a hell dimension, anyway.

Our Characters - Big Hug!

Buffy: Well, Buffy does put a shovel to the best use; I’ll give her a Half-KUDO for her relatively quick defeat of the Zombie-King Demon.

Xan: Xander doesn’t come up with a kudo of his own.

Wills: Willow doesn’t get a kudo all her own.

Giles: Rupert doesn’t get a kudo to hold up alone.

Cordy: Cordelia also shares in the group kudo, but doesn’t have one of her own.

Oz: Yeah, Oz can add his name to the group kudo plaque.

Joyce: And hey, even Joyce gets to put her name on that group kudo. Nice!

I’m going to issue a Combo-Half-KUDO to the Scooby Gang for rallying around Buffy just when she needs them to help fight off the Zombie-King Demon and the undead. Even Joyce and Devon get in a little bit of zombie fightage.

Our Characters - No, No, No!!

Buffy- I’m giving Buffy a Half-DEMERIT for even thinking about packing that runaway bag a second time, just because things are strained and nobody shrugged off her first runaway to L.A.

Suck it up and lie in that bed for awhile, Buffy.

Xander- I’m going to hand Xander a Half-DEMERIT for confronting Buffy, at first on Joyce’s behalf which comes across as butting in before adding on his own anger at her. He has legitimate cause to tell Buffy how much she hurt and disappointed him, but this isn’t the place to do it and it sure isn’t the time to add logs to the fire of the situation. He buttinskis at the wrong time and wrong place when he could’ve tried to calm things down until they could talk in private, or simply kept his mouth shut until the following day.

Willow- I’m not going to issue Willow a demerit.

Rupert- Giles gets a DEMERIT for the driving scene to Joyce’s house. If that person had been alive, instead of a zombie, he could’ve killed the man. And it was all due to distracted driving. For shame, Rupert.

Cordelia- Oh, my god, Cordelia. You get a Half-DEMERIT for actually trying to help Buffy in the argument. Please, girl, step back out of Buffy’s shoes -- your brand of “support” really isn’t.

Oz- Oz wasn’t in for some criticizing this episode.

Joyce- I’ve mixed feelings about Joyce. Yes, her blow up in the middle of the party was awful timing, but she was tipsy at the time. And yes, she was a bit harsh on Buffy when it was obvious that her daughter was confused and hurt and desperately unsure of what she was doing - but she just saw Buffy packing her runaway bag again after just coming home. Her anger and own hurt were completely justified and Buffy deserved a good shouting at… just not where it happened. But even then, it was Buffy who dragged everyone down into the party by trying to run from the argument and storm out of the house, instead of taking the consequences of her previous actions that she looked set to repeat just because everyone else didn’t shrug it off when she got home. Y’know, I’m not issuing a demerit to Joyce.

I wanted to issue PAT a half-demerit for … general butting in and passive-aggressiveness, I guess. Because I really didn’t like her comments to Buffy while having that stupid, sunny grin on her face. But really, annoying me in general isn’t really demerit worthy and she doesn’t actually do anything wrong. She’s just that kinda person who rankles me a bit. So, she slides by despite her commentary that nobody needed.

I’m also not issuing a half-demerit to Snyder, though  again I really wanted to. But being a jerk over making his pleasure clear about not allowing Buffy to return to school isn’t enough. And not allowing Buffy back in school is actually the sensible thing to do, considering her last year of school skipping and violent fighting and assaulting police officers in the hallways. I mean, we know he has ulterior motives, but his actions still aren’t actually wrong on their face.

Ovu Mobani is a tragic sorta minor demon who thinks he can play with the big boys, but simply cannot. I’m issuing a Half-DEMERIT for the very poor tactical use of its powers. He should’ve slipped away to kill another day, but instead he gets a shovel through the eyes and dispatched.

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