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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS, Season 8, Issue 40


And here we have it, folks. The last “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” post for Buffy, Season 8. Of course, with the Twi-Debacle ended, one has to wonder just what we’re here for.

But we’ve got the issue, so let’s take a look at the characters: Buffy, Willow, Dawn Summers, Faith Lehane, and Spike.

Our Heroes - Doing What Makes Us Proud!

Buffy: Buffy’s three-against-her fight against the whiny-Slayer-troop shows that she’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and they’re just the also-rans. She gets a Half-KUDO.

Wills: She gets no kudo from me.

Dawn: Dawn doesn’t earn a kudo, but she does get a cool point for giving Buffy a place of refuge to get her head clear.

Faith: Y’know, Faith really tries to smooth things over with Buffy by making her realize that Rupert always considered her the real Slayer. But what I want to reward Faith for is being the one to assume responsibility for taking care of Angel in the aftermath of realizing everything he’s done. After everyone else either turned their backs, or want to actively hunt him down, Faith understands that he wasn’t in his right mind - maybe was even under mind-altering control and stands with him. KUDO

Spike: Spike is trying to be super supportive and that’s cool. He’s also trying to keep abreast of major developments that Buffy will need to know about, which she should really be doing herself: Half-KUDO

Our Characters - Don’t You Wish They’d Go Away!

Buffy- I’m not laying a demerit on Buffy. But I don’t like the way she’s buying into the whole “I ruined everything” thing that her fellow Slayers and best friend are trying to lay on her.

Willow- Oh go to hell, Willow. Guilt-trip yourself about your cheating on your girlfriend, but stop trying to make Buffy feel horrible for saving the entire world you arrogant, selfish “friend”. Half-DEMERIT

Dawn- I’ve no demerit for Dawn, and I’m loving that she’s not letting Buffy get mired in self-condemnation without an argument.

Faith- I’ve nothing to fault Faith for.

Spike- Spike isn’t doing anything wrong.

Kennedy is not dealing well with her Willow-breakup [huh, just like she didn’t handle it well in WATCHERS, actually], and the end of the Slayer-Army. But she still has her powers and could be doing something with them, other than blaming Buffy for saving the world. And I find her claims that Willow was going to single handedly turn back Twilight and all of the invading demons dubious, at best. She gets a Half-DEMERIT for being a blamer.

Well, if Simone is in the comic, even in one panel of a corner of a page, you have better than even odds she’ll earn a demerit. Like the rest of the Slayers, who STILL HAVE THEIR FUCKING POWERS, YOU WHINING SHITS, doesn’t react well to the changed world where they’re not distributed in a vast army. And she uses murder to act out. I’ve got some slack to give, because she goes after General Voll who pretty much has it coming. But still… Slayers don’t murder. Half-DEMERIT

Posthumous Half-DEMERIT to Rupert Giles. WHAT THE FLIPPITY HELL WAS THAT?! His leaving everything to Faith in his will, except for that very first book from their meeting in the library and not even including a letter to Buffy to explain is just shitty. I’m just so… IDEFK….

The, yeah-I’m gonna say it, Bitch-Slayers: You whiny, frickin’ self-involved, spoiled little twits. You have super-powers. You have less of the actual Slayer-killing bad guys hunting for you. You need to get over your “whaaa, Buffy disbanded the girl-army and now we have to, like, get jobs and stuff, whaaaa”. DEMERIT

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