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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel, Season 6, Issue 44


Whelp. This is it. The last “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” for Angel, Season 6 and IDW’s run. This last issue was great and I left the title very happy.

But does that mean that our heroes were worth the honorary? We know that Angel, Gunn, and especially Connor has had a lot of trouble coming up with some prize moments. It’d be nice to go out on an all full-KUDO, no DEMERITS (except maybe for the bad guys) post, wouldn’t it?

Yeah, well… I’m not going to get soft about it. So, let’s take a look at who falls within my Glaring Eye Of Disappointed Judgement!

Our main players are: Connor, Angel, Charles Gunn, Laura Weathermill and Anne Steele.

Our Characters Redeem Our Faith!

Connor: Connor gets his moment of hero hood and makes the most of it. For saving Anne’s life, and using her erupting demon to finish off Myr, he gains his KUDO.

Angel: Alas, I’ve nothing to give a kudo to Angel for. It’s nice that he gets to end the series with his world so right though. [*sigh* And then he walks right into the Twi-Debacle.]

Charles: I’ve no kudos for Charles.

Laura: Laura pulls out some fancy shielding magic just when it was needed to buy some time. She gains a KUDO.

Anne: Anne’s big heart allows her to adopt a half-demon baby meant to kill her and that baby will either be, or be an ancestor of Darrow, which will help complete the time loop that will lead to the Suck!Future-World to not happen. Such a little thing with such huge impacts… there’s a lesson in that, which I’ll learn nothing from.

But I’m willing to give her a Half-KUDO for her basic humanity.

I’m slipping Illyria a KUDO for managing to secret the God-Killing Vanishing Gem into Angel’s pocket before his time-skip back to the present.

And because it’s been strongly implied, and all but confirmed, that Jasmine was helping out in a big way through Illyria, I’m going to grant her a KUDO as well.

Our Characters Are Bitter Disappointments!

Connor- Connor didn’t earn any demerits. [I’m annoyed with the creative staff for once again choosing him to mess up by stumbling into Angel and causing the mega-weapon to be lost though.]

Angel- There aren’t any demerits to Angel.

Charles- Yay, no demerits for Charles.

Laura- I’ve nothing to fault Laura for.

Anne- No demerits for Anne.

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