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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Time again, one and all, for another entry in our Angel “Best Of  / Worst Of Character Moments” posting as we find out that in the future, Super-Being Myr really should’ve been more worried about his deviant sister Rowant than he was of Angel. That lady is psycho!

Our characters this time out: Angel, Illyria, Laura Weathermill, Connor, Charles Gunn, Anne Steele, Mr. Polyphemus and Illyria’s Companion: Pancakes.

Apparently, it takes a village to deal with Myr and Rowant.

Our Heroes Are Awesome!

Angel- Geez Angel. I still can’t give you a kudo for anything.

Illyria- Nothing this time out, Illyria.

Laura- Laura, as befitting an ex-Watcher, actually kicks some ass by going on the offensive against Myr’s demon gang. While everyone else is busy blabbing to themselves or Connor, she acts. And it is wonderful. KUDO

Connor- No, Connor. *sigh* IDW did you so wrong.

Charles- Nothing for Charles, but it was nice that he didn’t stop to talk about things when Laura was busy giving them all another chance.

Anne- Oh, Anne… really. No kudo for you.

Mr. Polyphemus- You know that self-sacrifice is a big thing with me, if you’ve noted what I’ve handed kudos out for before. Mr. Polyphemus gives his life to save a comrade and friend, he gets his KUDO.

Pancakes- Pancakes sorta should earn a kudo as well for placing herself between Rowant and Illyria for the sake of Illyria’s safety. But really. It feels more desperate than smart and wasn’t particularly useful. Blundering sacrifice when it's not appropriate only gives her a Half-KUDO.

Well, it didn’t work out thanks to their jumping the gun, but I liked Rowant’s plan to undermine her brother by using Connor’s developing powers. And, it turns out, she sent the Jaro Hull Sisterhood herself to help his ascension along. I’ll begrudgingly give her a Half-Anti-KUDO.

And, I’ll also give W&H a Half-Anti-KUDO for coming up with a weapon capable of killing a god, and managing to keep it secreted until it was ready for use at the most opportune time. Alas, there is a betrayer within the firm, but they tried and almost succeeded… for once in recent history….

Unlike the rest of W&H, apparently, Darrow really did seem to want to do good in the world by making a positive difference. If only it wasn’t for his backstabbing co-worker, and it turns out, lover of Rowant. He earns a Half-KUDO for trying to do what was right for the right reasons [unlike W & H’s self-involved reasons for trying to stop Myr’s operations].

I’m also issuing a Half-KUDO to Jasmine for helping Illyria [possibly… her exact involvement is kept quite vague] access her time warping powers to get Angel back to where he can actually stop this future from occurring.

Our Heroes Can’t Get Their Shit Together!

Angel: Angel annoys by rambling on and on, but that isn’t demerit worthy. Otherwise, he’s more of a neutral observer and doesn’t do anything to anger.

Illyria: Illyria… confuses me. She suddenly has her time warping powers back, but she waits and waits to actually use them? I don’t get it. But maybe she just needed Angel to figure out a plan before sending him back… I’m not issuing a demerit.

Laura: I’ve got nothing but respect for Laura in this issue.

Connor: Connor. So damned indecisive and weak in the leadership skills. I just can’t take it: DEMERIT

Charles: Okay, Charles. It was a desperate gamble to turn on Connor in the hope that this would somehow lead to activating his powers, but under the circumstances, I’m letting you turning on a teammate slide.

Anne: Anne. You frickin’ useless waste of a gun holder. I still can’t figure out if this is due to the demon fetus or not, so I can’t issue a demerit. But I want to, just so you know.

Mr. P: I’ve no complaints about the lamented Mr. Polyphemus.

Pancakes: Nothing to issue a demerit to Pancakes over.

Oh, James. How could you trust your evil sister after you already know just how deeply evil she is… after all, she’s just like you! Half-DEMERIT

W & H… well, I think I’ve already issued demerits for everything that was mentioned in this issue [or I will be when we get to Angel the Series’ reviews]. So, no demerit is issued here to subtract from your award above. But just to be clear, that didn’t make you suck any less.

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