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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: IDW's Angel


Hello, hello.

  Welcome back to another edition of “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” on this especially beautiful day in Michigan. Really, Spring has so sprung and it’s gloriously sunny out. And not that fake-sunny that draws you out of your warm home, only to then freeze you solid.

  Our subject for today’s post is still within the IDW Angel title, and specifically we’ll explore our characters in Issue 42. Our players today are: Angel, Illyria, Connor, Gunn, Laura, and Anne. Mr. Polyphemus is hovering around, too but only in a cameo. Still, it’s nice to see everybody getting in on the action against Myr.

Our Characters ROOOOOOCK!

Angel- Angel doesn’t impress me in this issue.

Illyria- Nothing for Illyria.

Connor- Did Connor do anything cool? I don’t remember anything but that could be because I was blinded by his idiocy. Either way, no kudo.

Charles- I’ve nothing for Charles.

Laura- No, Laura -- your sense of fail overshadows anything positive you may have done.

Anne- Nothing for Anne, either.

Well, W & H did supply some heavy weaponry that was sorely needed by our crew so that deserves some credit: Half-KUDO

And at least in the future, W & H lawyer Darrow does seems to have a good plan to execute which is more than Angel has at the moment: Half-KUDO

Our Characters… Oh, Man - That Was Bad!

Angel: I’m not going to issue Angel any demerits.

Illyria: I’ve nothing to punish Illyria for, either.

Connor: Oh my god, Connor - I hate you. Thank you for taking your one shot to take Myr completely by surprise and turning it into a cheezy-tough-guy pose with surprise-breaking banter thrown in for good measure. Which then allowed a counter-assault, which ended with James not shot down where there was at least a chance of it being done. You frickin’ moron. DEMERIT

Gunn- Thank you, Charles Gunn. Thank you for using your “kill demons in one shot” magic W & H gun to fire on the fodder, rather than actually using it on Myr to see if it could put an end to this nightmare. Yes, wise choice… if you’re a dunce: DEMERIT

Weathermill: Thanks, Laura: Watcher Extraordinaire, who also uses the snazzy super-powered magic gun on cannon fodder, while ignoring the Big Bad that you’re trying to stop from unleashing a holocaust on the world. Can’t tell you how impressive it was to watch you wasting ammo while Myr smirked at you: DEMERIT

Steele: Okay, Anne. I’m not sure what exactly is going on with you, infected with a demon spawn as you are. So, I’m letting your relative uselessness despite having a gun slide by without a demerit. Just know I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that the demonic fetus is keeping you too docile to actually fire that gun you’re posing dramatically with.

It really bugs me that after Anne revealed that all of the teens at her center, which she was imprisoned with, were infected with demons that they birthed nobody, but nobody, thought “Gee, I wonder if Anne was infected, too? Maybe we should check.” Mr. Polyphemus earns a Half-DEMERIT for running a scan long after when it was sensible to do so, and which he can apparently perform effortlessly.

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