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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Angel


Good Morning.

  We’re racing headlong into the end of IDW’s run of Angel and toward Dark Horse’s “Angel & Faith” in our Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” postings. My intention is to bring Angel up to Issue 44 and then sit in judgment of his series finale alongside Buffy’s so we can start each of their new ‘seasons’ at the same time.

  To that end, welcome to our character investigation for Issue 41. Our main players that will get our scanning eye are: Connor, Gunn, Laura, Mr. P., and Angel.

Our Characters - We’re So Proud!

Connor: I admire Connor’s putting the possible loss of Angel to the side to focus on the very real and great threat of Myr, but not enough to issue a kudo.

Charles: I won’t give Charles a kudo this time out, mostly because he’s a jerk.

Laura: Laura, on the other hand does earn herself a Half-KUDO for her ability to schmooze W&H and gain their help, despite their fixation on only speaking to Angel.

Mr. Polyphemus: The observations about Connor are certainly interesting, but what I’m going to issue a Half-KUDO for is his being able to find a way to track Myr’s energy projections.

Angel: I’ve nothing to give to Angel, mostly because he’s a dunce.

Our Characters - I Don’t Know ‘Em, I Swear!

Connor- Connor isn’t angering me.

Gunn- Charles, though. He’s being a real asshat and it isn’t the right time or place for his pettiness with Connor. Half-DEMERIT

Weathermill- Laura impresses me and she doesn’t disappoint.

Polyphemus- Mr. P isn’t receiving a demerit, either. Though possibly holding some information back from Gunn may have been more wise.

Angel- I’ll let Angel slide, but man he seems especially thick in the head this issue.

W & H gains yet another DEMERIT: It turns out that Myr and Rowent wouldn’t be visiting/taking over if it wasn’t for their time manipulations, which they had to resort to because of the entire debacle of Hell-Angeles. OH MY GOD, how in the hell did you all become a top law firm when the Senior Partners are too stupid to live.

[I have finally gotten a start on the next full review, too -- finally. Supernatural's "Route 666" should be done sometime this week.]

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