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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Welcome guys, back to Angel’s Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments. When last we left off with our mini-ongoing-series thingie, we were all about Spike from Vegas to the Moon but now we’re returning to Angel’s Season 6 as our heroes rush headlong into a final fight with James/Myr the false angel.

Now, when last we left off, Team Angel first saved Gunn from the hit list of Eddie Hope, Devil and vigilante. It turned out to be relatively easy with Illyria on their side.

Also going on, after Gunn’s rescue, was Angel seemingly being killed in a fiery car wreck only hours after turning over Angel Investigations to Connor for awhile. Angel, I’m sure you’re as shocked as I to learn, didn’t die. In fact, the fiery death was a cover for a teleport spell… and not just any transport spell, either. Angel finds himself in a dystopian future, where Myr’s plans for Earth have turned out successful and the Wolf, Ram & Hart are not at all pleased [at this point, Spike and his new team are fighting them also in Vegas and Illyria is out wandering somewhere]. They’ve decided to try to assist Angel with stopping what Myr has/will done/do but they naturally choose to fight with him first because it’s the way things happen in comic books.

Angel throws himself off of a high rise just to let W&H’s Hamilton-stand-in that he won’t be coerced.

Meanwhile, the very first of Myr’s demon-warrior breeding factory has gotten its beginning at Anne’s teen homeless shelter and we’re left to wonder if “Anne/Lily/Chanterelle” is going to get out of Angel’s Season 6 alive.

*Shwew!* So, now we’re picking up again with Issue 40. Our main characters for us to explore are: Angel, Connor, Gunn, Mr. Polyphemus, and Laura Weathermill.

Our Characters Impress!

Angel- I like that Angel is coming to terms with having to accept help from his dreaded enemy and even like more the idea of becoming their “client” in an effort to keep them from screwing him over at the end of things. It doesn’t really work out yet, but it was a decent shot: Half-KUDO.

Connor- I’ve nothing for Connor, yet.

Gunn- Gunn isn’t earning himself my good will.

Polyphemus- The Polyball hasn’t earned a reward.

Laura- I’ve nothing specific for Laura.

I’ll be darned. I’ll have to issue W&H a KUDO for resisting Myr’s schemes, and using quite the power drain to summon Angel for the team up. Apparently by the future-time, the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart has just accepted that Angel’s “Destiny” status basically makes fighting him a waste of resources… so TEAM-UP Time!

I’ll also issue Anne Steele, as she calls herself now, a Half-KUDO for the escape from Myr. She may not have made it if Angel Investigations didn’t happen by at the right moment, but it says something that she actually was able to make a run for it in the first place.

Our Characters Suck!

Angel: Angel seems to be doing a lot of time wasting, but I’m not really ready to issue a demerit yet. But he needs to quit dicking around with W&H. Either team up or don’t but shit or get off the pot.

Connor: Connor and Gunn aren’t doing well with putting the events of Hell-Angeles behind them and with such a huge evil to stop with Myr, it’s just tiring. I’m with Laura in considering them bickerers and I issue him a Half-DEMERIT.

Charles: And for the same reasons as with Connor, Gunn is also getting himself a Half-DEMERIT. He’s closer to getting a full one though, because he’s been largely the instigator. He needs to cool it at least until Myr is defeated.

Laura: I’ve nothing to complain about when it comes to the former Watcher.

Polyphemus: He doesn’t do anything to earn a demerit.

Myr’s operation is being run totally inefficiently and allows too much uncoordinated chaos to be the wonderment of manufacturing he was planning. I offer a Half-DEMERIT for his lack of true ambition and organization in this endeavor.

You can only expect so much from W&H, even when they’re the less-evil thing around but trying to keep critical details from the vampire they wasted precious resources for a time-travel trip is pretty short sighted. Half-DEMERIT

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