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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Spike's team


Last issue to go in our “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” for IDW’s Spike. This posting, we’re taking a closer look at Issue Eight to find out where our heroes shined and where they fell apart. In addition, W & H is pulling some interesting moves of their own -- but can they earn themselves something other than a demerit for incompetence?

Let’s go and find out. Our central characters are: Spike, Betta George, Beck and Jeremy Johns.

Our Characters Are In The Green!

Spike: So, Spike is going to go after the Senior Partners. It doesn’t matter that he won’t find them because we’ve got to deal with Twi-Angel instead, it still takes some balls to actually chase after them and I’m willing to grant a Half-KUDO for it.

George: Nothing for Betta.

Beck: Beck takes a suicidal leap to save Spike. It doesn’t matter that she ultimately lived, she still earns a KUDO for the attempted self sacrifice.

Jeremy: Jeremy has always been a little more brave than wise. I’m starting to think it’s a complex he’s got but he’s still earning a Half-KUDO for not running.

Somehow, a W & H plan actually worked and they made their extra-dimensional escape. That earns them a Half-Anti-KUDO.

Our Characters Are In The Red!

Spike- I’m still annoyed at Spike’s not requesting a quick return by Willow but we addressed that mostly last issue. I’m not giving him a demerit.

Betta- I’m disappointed in Betta for not requesting to join Spike’s mission, but that isn’t enough to earn a demerit.

Beck- No mark against the pyrokinetic.

Johns- Nothing against Jeremy.

I'm issuing a DEMERIT to Groo for never coming back into the fight and just... wandering off.

I'm also issuing a Half-DEMERIT to Cordy the Dragon for the same thing (I'm not sure how much independence she's practicing -- it's possible that she's sublimated herself to Groo's authority, so it may not be her choice completely).

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