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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Spike


Two issue to go in our “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” for IDW’s Spike. This posting, we’re taking a closer look at Issue #7 to find out where our heroes shined and where they fell apart. In addition, W & H is pulling some interesting moves of their own -- but can they earn themselves something other than a demerit for incompetence?

Let’s go and find out. Our central characters are: Spike, Willow, Betta George, Beck and Jeremy Johns.

Our Characters Gain A Gold Star!

Spike: I can appreciate Spike’s attempt to save Drusilla by giving up his soul to her, hoping that she’d grow as he did. I’ll issue a Half-KUDO for the attempt.

Wills: I’ve not a star to issue to Willow.

George: George was largely inert and gets nothing.

Beck: Poor Beck with no powers -- nothing gained.

Jeremy: Jeremy is too busy recovering from a vampire bite to earn a kudo.

Our Characters Screw The Pooch!

Spike- Spike’s sending off Willow when he’s about to face off against W & H again doesn’t seem tactically wise. But he is doing it to try to get Dru some desperately needed mental help, so I’m going to call it a wash -- no demerits.

Willow- Again, Willow leaving the fight with W & H seems … unwise and sits really wrong. But, through her escort duty, she is keeping Dru from hurting anyone else (we’re left to assume for the moment), so again -- it’s a wash.

Betta- It’s nice that George is getting over his shock at Spike’s past and still willing to fight the good fight. No demerit issued.

Beck- No demerits for Beck; She was very brave facing a serial killer without her fire powers.

Johns- Jeremy also doesn’t earn any demerits.

I’m giving serial killer John a Half-DEMERIT for thinking he could face a vampire at full strength with nothing more than blades… not even stakes!

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