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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike


And before I slump into my self-involved, real life horror show, which isn’t nearly as fun as the dreaming thing, let’s take another look at Spike’s Best of/Worst Of Character Moments, shall we?

Yes, I think we shall.

Our subject for today is still IDW’s Spike (in Las Vegas), where he’s had to summon Willow for an assist against W & H who are trying to rebuild after the “After the Fall” debacle that really hurt their stock in evil-doing.

This morning’s issue is #6 and our focus characters to judge sternly are: Spike, Willow, Beck, Betta George and Jeremy Johns.

Our Characters Are A Wonder!

Spike- Spike’s giving up his soul in order to try to help change Drusilla was noble and his insistence he didn’t need his soul because he’d already made the decision to be good was… well, simplistic actually, but I was impressed anyway. I’m giving him a KUDO for selflessness in wanting to change Dru into a better version of herself.

Willow- Willow pulls out a lot of magic in a very short amount of time, but this is also during her super-witch phase. But she saves Jeremy Johns from demon possession and I’m giving her a Half-KUDO for it [she’d get a full one if this happened after her powers get reduced again].

Beck- I was impressed by Beck’s self-control in the face of threats from a torturing psycho who she just watched disembowel someone. She gets a Half-KUDO.

Betta- Despite Betta George’s feelings over finding out just how evil vampire Spike used to be, he does do what he can to save him from psychopathic killer. But on the other hand, maybe that was just choosing the least dangerous of two evils in his mind… yeah, I don’t think I can give George a kudo this time out.

Jeremy- I like the way that even finding out he was possessed by a demon doesn’t get in the way of Jeremy helping out Spike. This after he was already killed by Illyria while helping Spike. I don’t think he gets that he and Spike are a bad combo. Maybe I should be issuing a demerit instead… but I’m giving him a Half-KUDO for the foolhardy bravery instead.

Can I just hand Lila Morgan an Anti-KUDO? Even as an indentured/enslaved ghost, she’s managed to get herself a high-level corporate position in Wolfram & Hart. That is some badass talent for just being a lawyer with no moral compass among even more evil beings than she is.

I also, reluctantly, must give Drusilla a KUDO -- yes, a real kudo -- for protecting Willow and Jeremy as if they were the most precious of baubles (well, before she returns to form and turns on the team, anyway).

Our Characters Suck Ass!

Spike: I don’t care about how many allies you have with you Spike, you don’t turn your back on a psychopathic killer by just assuming you’d knocked him out for the count. You just don’t do it. Half-DEMERIT.

Willow: I’ve got nothing to complain about when it comes to Willow’s actions.

Beck: Beck doesn’t earn herself a demerit.

George: Stupid Betta George! Y’know when you don’t distract Spike by pulling up scenes of his past from his head? When he’s trying to save you from the psychopathic serial killer. You get a Half-DEMERIT for poor timing, whatever problems you have with Spike’s vampiric, demonic past… which duh… vampire, idiot… Did you think it was full of rainbows and ribbons?

Jeremy: Jeremy also doesn’t earn a demerit.

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