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Wacky Dreaming: Zombies and Buffy and Winchesters, oh my!



  Wacky dreaming time: But I have to type this fast because I’ve already lost so much detail of this one and it’s a real bummer, too. I had THE Holy Grail of wacky dreaming combining my top three loves: Zombies, BTVS, and Supernatural!!

Woo-hooo! But, oh, if only I could’ve retained everything. Darn it.

  Anyway - so first this dream included aspects of my being in the dream as “a character” going through the adventure, but I was also commenting on the dream from outside of it.

  It started with the Winchester brothers and Character-I on a South Seas island. I’m pretty sure that this was Matool, because I had just watched Fulci’s Zombie/Zombie2 but none of the human characters in that film featured in the dream. I do remember that outside-me thought that this must be Matool, but it was never referred to by name by Dean, Sam or Character-I.

  Anyway, it had to be the very beginning of the zombie crisis because Character-I and the Winchesters weren’t sure exactly what was going on. There was no explanation for why we were on a South Seas Island investigating this phenomena. We weren’t even aware yet that it was the reanimated dead -- only that there was a rash of mass cannibalism going on. Outside-of-the-dream-me recognized that we were starting a zombie apocalypse scenario, but my commentary wasn’t heard or recognized by In-Dream-I.

  Both-Is were also aware that Buffy, Xander and Dawn were on a nearby island and they were investigating the same type of phenomena happening there. Character-I also knew of Spike, Giles and Willow but I never interacted with them or Dawn in the dream. Since In-Dream-I knew Dawn was with Buffy and Xander, it may be that the other three weren’t there or that neither In-Dream-I or Outside-Me were aware they were there and the dream just didn’t last long enough for their inclusion to become evident. Either way, Xander had an eye patch so this had to be post Season 7 of BTVS and after Spike’s return to corporealness in Angel, since Character-I knew he existed somewhere. None of the characters in Angel were in this scenario, so it’s possible this was also sometime after Season 5 of that show.

  Over with the Winchesters, there was no mention of Castiel but whether that indicates it was sometime before Dean’s trip to Hell or not, I can’t be really sure. I want to say it was because Sam and Dean seemed to have less of the “life is shit” attitude that came with Dean’s deal with the Crossroads Demon and the whole Lucifer-downer stuff that came later, but that is pure speculation. Dean was much more light-hearted though, so I’m pretty sure this must’ve been in an earlier Supernatural season.

  Anyway, in the dream we didn’t yet recognize that this was zombies rather than say some sort of cannibalism plague that was causing people to turn to mindless violence and feeding. My role in the dream seemed to be primarily on Team Winchester but I was acting as some sort of go between. Character-I was equipped with enhanced strength and I know that I had the ability to levitate at least several feet off of the ground.

  I can’t recall if I could actually fly unaided or if I had some sort of teleport capability. I do remember that I was with Dean and Sam and our attempts to stun the “sick and deranged” weren’t getting us anywhere. I remember we were on a beach on the outskirts of a small seaside town and most of the town had been evacuated/abandoned/already overrun. I recall that the numbers of “zombies”… a word that wasn’t used in-dream, but only by Outside-of-the-Dream-Me’s thoughts... were few at this point, but we knew that the same phenomena was happening all over the island, and to some unknown extent on the island Team Scooby was investigating. Because of our general ineffectiveness in controlling the spread of whatever was happening, I left it to Dean and Sam to decide if we needed to switch to more lethal methods to stop this plague from spreading even further off island. Character-I had the clear sense that we were in an island chain and the fear was that fleeing carriers were going to keep spreading the disease further away, causing a loss of control of the situation.

  I levitated because I wanted to go to this other sister island infected and report in to Buffy about our lack of success in stunning the infected and keeping them down, to see if they’d found anything more effective in capturing/restraining the victims. The way that “my powers” worked in the dream were that Character-I was levitating above Sam and Dean’s heads by maybe 5 feet? I started to fly along the beach toward the island that Buffy’s team was working on. Suddenly I was above Buffy and Xander on this other island, which is why I don’t know how exactly I got there. Outside-Me couldn’t tell from the dream whether this was a teleport deal or if I’d just gotten a scene transition to the new place and Character-I didn't give Outside-Me a clue how this worked. Anyway, I remember that Xander looked up at me with his one eye and made some snarky comment, but I have no memory of what it was or what the context was. Buffy was holding the Slayer Scythe though and Character-I was about to ask whether the idea of “taking down the sick, without hurting them” was forgotten because of the seriousness and speed of this infection, but unfortunately I woke up just as I was opening my mouth to ask the question.

  OH, MAN, GUYS! This was like the most awesome-est of settings. The only thing missing was somebody representing The Walking Dead to complete the trifecta of wacky dreaming! I wish I could recall every detail, but it is what it is.

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