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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: IDW's Spike


Welcome, welcome, to another edition of Spike’s Best Of/ Worst Of Character Moments. We’re working our way through IDW’s title in which Spike wanted to try his hand at forming his own team of protectors and relocating to Vegas.

Thus far, it isn’t going swimmingly. Our focus subject for today is Issue 5 and our characters who matter are: Spike, Beck, George, and Willow.

Our Characters Are Terrific!

Spike: Well, at least Spike got on the clue express and called for help. And he picked good -- but that isn’t really a kudo-getting type of thing.

Beck: I’ve got nothing for Beck.

George: Nope, no kudos for Betta.

Willow: I’ll hand Willow a Half-KUDO for the timely arrival, accomplished without triggering a warning to W & H.

I’m gonna hand John the Serial Killer a Half-Anti-KUDO for the very clever grenade launcher designed with Beck’s powers in mind to easily take out her and Betta George.

Our Characters Are Awful!

Spike- *Sigh* Poor Spike. He’s just not doing very well in his own title. I’m issuing him a Half-DEMERIT for the brilliant idea of hiding from the evil law firm in a demon bar… because surely nobody would think to look there for a demon.

Beck- She’s a bit quick on the fire-trigger, but I’ll not dock her for that. How was she to know that she was playing into John’s tactics.

George- Betta George really could’ve been a bit quicker in realizing what John was up to, and maybe saved them from capture… or maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference ultimately. I’ll not issue a demerit.

Willow- I’ve got to hand Willow a Half-DEMERIT for losing control of her powers again; She’s been through too much to let herself destroy objects at the mere mention of Drusilla. That was a serious lapse.

I have to issue W & H another DEMERIT. For trying to find Spike, they sure are failing… maybe because they skipped looking in the obvious places in case he showed up? Oh man, I miss Lilah Morgan.

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