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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike, A Dark Place (#5)


Sorry about the lack of posts this week, especially not getting Lovers Walk done yet.

Things have been… well… let’s just say that I’ve been made the universe’s whipping boy for the past several months and it’s apparently not ready to move on yet.

Let’s focus though on the subject of this post: A Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments for the last issue of “Spike: A Dark Place”.

Our Focus Characters will include: Spike (naturally enough), Sebastian and Frisky.

Our Characters Are A Light:

Spike- I’ve got nothing to hand to Spike. His making the dramatic leap out of the space craft in an effort to reach Morgan almost made it to half-kudo… almost, but not quite.

Seb- Obviously Sebastian’s exit presses my “self-sacrifice button” and he gets an automatic grand KUDO for piloting the ship on a suicide run.

Frisk- I’ve nothing to give Frisky, but I do offer a good luck on his taking the mantle of leadership from the departed Seb.

Our Characters -- Please Just Go Away!

Spike- Spike’s been annoying throughout this whole title but there isn’t anything specific in this issue that earns a demerit.

Sebastian- I’ve no demerits to lay on Sebastian, especially what with that whole sacrificing himself thing.

Frisky- Nah, no demerits for him either.

I’m going to issue a Half-DEMERIT to the scripter and editors for not having something specific in mind to accomplish with Spike using this opportunity. It was a waste of my money and I’m a bit pissy about it. Victor is doing a much better job on Angel & Faith.

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