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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike, A Dark Place


Hey -- Is everyone ready for another Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments exploring Spike?

[Uh, that was actually rhetorical, ‘cause that what’s we’re doing.]

Today’s post will be for Spike: A Dark Place focusing on our characters in Issue #4.

Our focus characters will be: Spike, Sebastian and Frisky.

Our Characters Are Admirable!

Spike: The light bulb finally comes on for Spike. But it’s taken him quite a while so I can’t issue a kudo.

Seb: Seb and Frisky get a shared kudo below.

Frisky: Frisky and Seb are sharing a kudo described below.

I’ve got to give an Anti-KUDO to Morgan for very slyly keeping Spike’s mind off of the logical problems of her being so focused on the Hellmouth if she supposedly has no way to open it without magic. The obvs is that she has the magic available already, which completely went by Spike because his focus was being kept on himself and Buffy by her.

I’m giving a duo KUDO to Sebastian and Frisky for not allowing blind loyalty to keep them unprepared for dealing with Spike’s “guest” if she turned out to not be what she was presenting herself as.

Our Characters Turned Out to Be Chumps!

Spike- Spike wouldn’t have been taken in so thoroughly by Morgan if not for his distraction. But I’m sympathetic enough with his roiling feelings about the Slayer that I won’t issue a demerit.

Sebastian- I’ve nothing to issue a demerit to Seb over.

Frisky- Frisky really does push Sebastian about Spike a little too hard. He’s skirting insubordination, and he’s a bit too ready to jump the gun before knowing that he knows that he’s sure that Morgan is in fact up to no good. He ends up being a distraction to Sebastian by constantly arguing. He earns a Half-DEMERIT, even though he turned out to be correct.

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