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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike (in Vegas)


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: This issue we’ll be diving into IDW’s Spike #4 in which Dru and Spike reunite and it, uh, doesn’t feel so good. Mostly because Dru is still soulless and evil and psycho.

Our characters to be analyzed in this issue are: Spike, Groo and Beck. Betta George is currently still stunned after trying to wander through Drusilla’s mind [Word of Advice -- if you’re ever trying to telepathically read somebody and they tell you to dive deeply, they probably know you’re going to get more than you can possibly handle. Just take it as a “No Entrance” sign and make up an excuse] and Cordelia the Dragon is playing at a cameo appearance. And there is no way I’ll ever list Dru as a protagonist, no matter how muchly I personally loves her.

Our Characters: Wonderful!

Spike- Things simply aren’t going well in Spike’s search to head his own team. He received no kudos in this issue, either.

Groo- Oh, Groo. You’re so cute. But you don’t get a kudo.

Beck- I’m gonna give Beck a Half-KUDO for the save of the vulnerable Team Spike when they were retreating in the car.

I’ve got a Half-KUDO for Cordelia the Dragon for helping out Beck in fighting off the mutant showgirl demons during the team’s retreat.

You’ve got to give John an Anti-KUDO for escaping the W & H White Suite with nothing more than gumption, outrage and a pair of hidden guns up his sleeves.

Our Characters: Horrible!

Spike: Oh, Spike. The whole Las Vegas Team is turning out to be a dismal plan. I must issue you a Half-DEMERIT for… well, everything really.

Groo: I’ve no demerits to issue to him.

Beck: I’ll not issue a demerit to her, though her hard crush on Spike is a bit too whiney for my tastes.

W & H’s Senior Partners are just embarrassing at this time. And they’re completely incompetent to boot. I’d feel sorry for their pathetic asses if they hadn’t spent so much time and energy being evil for evil’s sake before. They get a DEMERIT now for not being able to stop one lone human from thwarting their will. Just tragic.

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