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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: With Spike


Time for another Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments post. This is my mini-sorta series where we investigate our focus characters [the protagonists] in various works and sit in judgment [I’M A GOD… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! A tin plated one perhaps, but nevertheless HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!] over them, pronouncing the reward of a KUDO for those things that we were impressed by and handing down doom in the form of a DEMERIT for when they didn’t live up to our demanding expectations.

Our focus lately, and again today and several posts going forward, is all about Spike. We’ve been taking a look at two Spike titles: IDW’s “Spike” while he’s attempting to form his own team of heroes in Las Vegas and Dark Horse’s “Spike: A Dark Place” in which he’s basically wallowing over Buffy… again.

And alas for us, it’s going to make it difficult to either praise or mock our character’s decisions because so little is actually going to happen.

Our Issue #3 today belongs to A Dark Place. And our focus characters in our current issue are: Spike & Sebastian [Spike’s Number One in the Cockroach crew]

Our Characters Impress!

Spike: I’ve nothing to reward Spike over.

Seb: I do like Sebastian and I like how he’s looking after Spike. I’m close to issuing a kudo to him for being suspicious of the Succubus and trying to warn Spike to be on guard against her, but I’m just not quite there on it.

I also considered issuing a kudo toward Frisky for also wanting to impress on his crew the dangers of the Succubus on board, but again, I’m just not quite there.

Our Characters Fail!

Spike- I’m not going to issue Spike a demerit, either.

Seb- Sebastian continues to be a good “man” and I’ve nothing to demerit him for.

None of the side players receive demerits, though I found Pearl and Nash a bit blunt and clumsy compared to their appearances in Angel & Faith.

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