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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: IDW's Spike


Hey everyone. Welcome to March, which is coming on pretty much like February. Which isn’t a good thing.

First, an update on the movie review. I’m halfway through it and wanted it to be done and posted today. Alas, I’m finding I can only take a little bit at a time and it’s down to the soundtrack. Our opening theme is being repetitively used in scene after scene and it’s grating on my eardrums.

So, instead today we’ll be moving forward in our Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments for Spike. This post will concern ourselves with Spike’s adventures in Vegas against W&H with Issue 3.

Our main characters are: Spike, Groo, Betta George, Beck and Cordelia the Dragon.

Our Characters Are Impressive!

Spike- Oh, Spike. You just aren’t doing well. No kudo.

Groo- It’s nice to see Groo in action, but there aren’t any kudos to be had.

George- I’ve nothing to reward Betta for.

Beck- It’s nice that Beck is controlling her powers more and she is impressive against armies of vampires, being as combustible as they are. Half-KUDO.

Cordelia- Cordelia is always a pleasure to see and she gets in some action, but nothing that earns a kudo.

I’m going to issue Drusilla a Half-KUDO for the quick work against the demons that are supposed to be “controlling” her.

Our Characters Suck!

Spike: I do understand why Spike panicked on seeing Jeremy Johns collapse. He’s been through watching his friend die already and wasn’t keen on seeing it again. But it was still tactically poor to turn his back on the serial killer, John. I must issue a Half-DEMERIT for getting distracted in the midst of battle… even over a fallen friend.

Groo: I’ve nothing to demerit him over.

Betta: I’m not going to issue a demerit George’s way.

Beck: Lighting the building on fire when there are so many innocent people staying at the hotel was not cool. I don’t care what reasoning you’re trying to use, Beck. Half-DEMERIT

Cordy the Dragon: Cordy doesn’t do anything dumb and avoids any demerits.

I want to pin a demerit on W & H again for John, but since I already covered that I’ll content myself with “I miss actual competence”. I can issue a DEMERIT for their overkill of destroying an entire building just because Spike has proven to be a pain in the ass.

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