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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike


Oh, Spike. I do wish your limited series-es were more interesting. But onward… always need to move forward.

Our subject, as mentioned, for our second post today is the IDW “Spike” title, in which Spike tries to break from Angel by putting together his own team of heroes and relocating to Las Vegas. Apparently blind to the fact that he’s still following in Angel’s well-trod path by forming a team and becoming a guardian of a home city.

Our Focus Characters will include: Spike, Beck, and Betta George.

We also find Groo and Cordelia the Dragon joining our new team but they only get a last page reveal this time out.

Our Characters Are Swell!

Spike: I’ve got no kudo for Spike.

Beck: Beck doesn’t deserve a kudo either.

Betta: Betta is the only sensible character here, but that doesn’t earn a kudo by itself.

Our Characters Are Crap!

Spike- I want to issue Spike a half demerit for bringing the emotionally unstable pyrokinetic along, but I did that already.

Beck- Beck can be really annoying and here she’s reckless with her powers. What a great choice in a teammate, Spike. She earns herself a Half-DEMERIT.

Betta- Betta glides by without my wrath.

“The New W & H: We’re Idiots” should be their tagline. They earn themselves a Half-DEMERIT for bringing in the obviously unstable John who has a major killing yen for Spike and somehow not foreseeing that a meeting involving them is going to go pear-shaped.

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