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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike, A Dark Place


Hey Gang O’ Mine:

  Welcome to our continued focus on Spike for “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”. Today I’ll be posting Issue 2 of A Dark Place and IDW’s Spike.

  First, let’s take a look at A Dark Place. Our focus characters for our current issue are: Spike, Sebastian, and Frisky.

Our Characters - What Heroes!

Spike: Well, Spike manages to save himself with some quick negotiating but I don’t think it was especially clever. I’ve no kudo to give.

Seb: I’m going to grant a Half-KUDO to Sebastian for his plan to retake the ship and his quality leadership in rallying the BugCrew to offense.

Frisky: Frisky ended up not receiving a dedicated kudo.

I’m issuing the BugCrew a Half-Kudo for the timely rescue of Spike in the Sunnydale Crater.

Our Characters - What Chumps!

Spike- Nothing particularly poor in Spike’s performance. No demerits necessary.

Seb- I’ve no demerits for Sebastian, either.

Frisky- Frisky doesn’t earn a demerit.

I’m not going to issue any special demerits, but I will say that the Pirate Crew really screwed the pooch at the wrong moment = exit Pirate Crew ungracefully.

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