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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike (A Dark Place)


Now that we’ve checked out issue 1 of Spike in association with Angel’s title, let’s compare him when he’s associated with Buffy’s title; Let’s take a look at Dark Horse’s Spike: A Dark Place #1 in which Spike has outer space adventures with his cockroach crew and meets a mysterious woman.

Our main players who we’ll judge are: Spike, Sebastian who works as Spike’s First Officer, and Elizabeth who we could consider Second Officer.

Our Characters Are Impressive:

Spike- Our Spike doesn’t earn a kudo.

Seb- Sebastian shares in the group kudo, but nothing more.

Liz- Elizabeth is in the same boat as Seb.

I like the BugCrew and their touching attempt to pull Spike out of his latest lovelorn funk and they receive a collective Half-KUDO.

Our Characters Stink:

Spike: Spike doesn’t earn any demerits. Shmoopy-mopey Spike isn’t fun for anyone, though.

Sebastian: Nothing by Seb annoys me.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a bit pushy toward Sebastian in the beginning, but since she/he ends up really only being concerned about Spike’s depressive mood, I’ve got no demerit to send her/his way.

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