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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike (in Vegas)


Hey gang.

  Still working on my next review in between my personal breakdowns due to other issues that makes my life a constant circle of hell… one of those top circles that aren't filled with the super-horrible stuff, but hell nonetheless.

  But as you’ll possibly recall, I mentioned that our next several Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments would revolve around Spike. We’ll be taking a look at our first title, Spike #1 (IDW) revolving around another plot by Wolf, Ram and Hart; As far as I can figure this time their entire plan is to try to make themselves relevant again.

  Our main players that we’ll need to scrutinize are: Spike, Betta George, Beck the Pyrokinetic,

Our Characters Are The Wind Beneath Are Wings:

Spike- Spike did manage to defeat the demon making a Combo-Elvis-Impersonator Giant without any human casualties, so I’ll hand him a Half-KUDO.

Beck- Beck doesn’t earn a kudo in this issue.

Betta- I’ve nothing to give the telepathic, floating fish a kudo for.

Our Characters Are Dullards:

Spike: I’m very concerned about Spike tapping a psychiatric patient with wild fire powers for his team. This seems like a horrible idea… bad enough for me to issue him a Half-DEMERIT.

Beck: So far, so good. Ms. Emotionally Unstable doesn’t earn a demerit.

Betta: George is probably the most sensible member of Spike’s forming team. He earns no demerits.

I’ve got a special DEMERIT to lay on W&H. For trying to entice people into their casinos, sacrificing those who hit a slot machine jackpot to flesh eating beetles seems not only a stupid business decision but since it all happens in the public view, stupid evilness too. What is their frickin’ goal with something that obvious?

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