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Wacky Dreaming: TWD


Hi, Gang.

  I’ve got another entry for ‘Wacky Dreaming’ to share, but as has been the trend lately, the details of the dream are largely vague. I’ll try to make it at least half-sensible.

  Our main story revolves around the Walking Dead-verse, though I know that Buffy is a presence because I knew she was within our traveling group - though she didn’t feature within the dream. It’s possible that Giles was with us, or had been but now wasn’t? I know that I knew of him - through Buffy, obviously - but within the dream his presence was so vague, it’s possible that I only knew him second-hand.

Anyway, I know that our group was in Port Huron, Michigan’s general area - possibly  we were staying on the riverfront, but the Blue Water Bridge didn’t exist and as far as I can remember, never existed within the dream. And I also know that we were trying to travel through to the U.P. because of Important Reasons. When the dream started, I was  traveling with Rick Grimes, Herschel [Alive! Yay!], and two others who we’ll just call  “dayplayers”, and I do believe that Abraham Ford was with us as well in the background. I know that Buffy, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Carol and Tyreese were still with us, but presumably they were all back at Central Base in Port Huron.

  Now, in the dream the topography for the Mackinaw area was different than the real world. The bridge didn’t exist for one. For another, the width of the strait was much more narrow. And … with the usual dream logic warning applying now because it won’t make sense… the Soo Lock was sitting between Lower Michigan and Upper as the transiting point, rather than sitting in Lake Superior; It was apparently needed for ships to transit between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, and was massive enough, combined with the more narrow strait than real life, to allow a solid connector.

  I cannot tell you why it was so important for our group to both get out of Port Huron, nor why we were so adamant about being allowed to travel into the U.P. --- promise land delusion…? It just was.

  So, around where Mackinaw City would be in real life was a small community established that we had to travel through. In the dream, the empty buildings around pointed to a much smaller rural village community, rather than the real-life city that sits there. This community was adamant about nobody being allowed through the Locks without their say-so, and they weren’t giving it. As with seemingly all communities outside of our group’s in The Walking Dead, this agrarian community seemed to have a corrupt center to it. The opposing community was run … and I have to use this term guardedly, because the exact power structure wasn’t made clear in the dream… by some sort of combination of Father Gabriel and a very Brother Michael (of Helix) sort. Brother Michael never appeared in the dream, but his face was known to us at least because I knew that he was a Steven Weber-alike.

  Anyway, Rick et al, including me tried to slip aboard a ship kept permanently moored inside the Soo Lock to act as a makeshift bridge between the two peninsulas, but were caught doing so. It appeared that neither side wanted bloodshed, but neither did either side want to back down. Again, no idea why we were so frickin’ insistent that we had to be allowed into the U.P. No idea why we couldn’t just hot wire a boat. No idea why the pseudo-religious community was so up in arms over anyone crossing “their” lock to the U.P.

  So, there was some cat and mousing games going on aboard this large freighter. In addition, Rick was worried that even if we escaped and chose to retreat back to our waiting friends, we’d already started this conflict. He was very concerned that this Michael/Gabriel group would chase us and possibly fire on us from the lake by using a Coast Guard cutter that they also had access to.

  I wasn’t sure that was actually a likely risk, because it struck me in the dream that Brother Michael was the more militant leader, but that his numbers were the minority. It seemed to me that Gabriel had more people on his side within this community, and they were largely a “leave us alone, we leave others alone” group whose sole concern seemed to be tending to the animals and gardens. I’m not sure of the relationship between Brother Michael and Father Gabriel, but one could wonder if they weren’t both quietly vying against one another to call the shots.

  Anyway, thankfully -- as in most of my fantasy dreaming -- I had enhanced strength which made us much less likely to be immediately slaughtered by Michael’s half dozen soldiers. And as a point of interest, one of the bad-asses in Michael’s soldiers was a twelve year old girl that reminded me a little of Lizzie Samuels (TWD). Another one was definitely character actress, Diane Delano in khaki.

  So during the conflict, I for whatever reason but I think it was just to be a dick destroyed the ship’s anchors that we were stuck on, sending them falling into the Lock and damaging it. Um… no, not to be a dick… it was… uh… a… distraction to let us escape? Yes, let’s just go with that explanation. Even though my attitude in the dream itself suggested I was just doing it to show off.

  Anywho… the ship started drifting within the lock because for some reason it was both wider and longer than any ship would actually require to pass between the two lakes. This despite the fact that it wasn’t anchored before and stayed still just fine. Under Diane Delano’s direction, the soldiers chose to let us go for the moment and focus on the task at hand… stabilizing the now drifting ship [which was actually not a danger to anything because it simply couldn’t move due to its mass and because the Locks were closed -- and it wasn’t moving before when the anchors were stored aboard ship, so what was the big deal now?? I don’t know. It wasn’t logical.].

  We retreated back to the mainland and through the village where Father Gabriel tried to convince us to stay with them and join their peaceful community. But Rick wouldn’t hear of it, and I had to agree with him because the whole settlement had that uncomfortable cult-like feel to the way the people were acting [again, the dream was clearly modeling this affectation on Helix].

  We retreated southward back toward Port Huron and Rick and Herschel were arguing over what our next step would be to recommend to the others when we returned. I was thinking that Buffy would be on Rick’s side, ready to kick ass if need be. I was also convinced that we had to reach the U.P. to survive. But Herschel was equally sure that Lower Michigan was a big enough state for us to find shelter and a life and was suggesting that we move Southward a bit more and settle inland from Marysville, close enough to still access the river’s resources if our “rivals” didn’t patrol that far down the St. Clair River.

  And that is where it was left.

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