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Another Best Of / Worst Of for Angel, S6


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel

Today we’re going to take a look at Season 6’s Issue 39. This is the beginning of the wrap up of the last major dangling arc for our crew: The problem of Myr/James. Would you be shocked that it involves avoiding an Apocalypse [uh, sort of… but I talk more about how odd some of these events seem considering Myr’s goals]? Well, maybe not. But we also get some fun time-shenanigans with a future traveling Angel.

We also get more of Eddie’s confrontation with Team Angel… though you may not have been able to read that review originally because in doing this post, I found that I had forgotten to include the TAG on it! OOPS!!

Our Main Players: Angel, Gunn, Connor and Eddie Hope.

Our Characters Are Upstanding!

Angel: I’ve no kudos for Angel this issue.

Charles: It’s nice that Charles is sticking around to fight Myr, even if it means he needs to stop quarreling with Connor. But he doesn’t get a kudo.

Connor: Connor gets compliments for his treatment of Gunn back on the team as well. But he doesn’t earn a kudo.

Eddie: Eddie will be receiving no kudos.

I’d considered issuing a kudo to W & H for actually helping against a threat to Earth, rather than being a part of the problem - but, we don’t know enough about their motivations yet. Clearly, they don’t like what Myr has done -- that doesn’t mean they’re acting as the good guys though.

Our Characters Disappoint Us!

Angel- Angel didn’t earn my scorn this time out.

Gunn- I’ve nothing to complain about with Charles.

Connor- Connor also doesn’t annoy me.

Hope- Eddie’s entire crusade ends like a wet squib. But that isn’t the character’s fault and though I wonder about his suddenly turn to stop doing what he was doing and go home, there isn’t any reason to issue a demerit.

I was also going to issue a demerit at W & H for choosing the help Angel by kidnapping him with no warning and thinking this was somehow going to make their vampire nemesis believe they’re on the right side. But that sort of thinking comes with the territory around the interdimensional law firm and that’s why they’ve really fallen down the rungs on the ladder of success. Also, and more to the point - they may have been the only thing they were in a position to do, begin stuck in a future point and all.

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