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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Good Friday to all,

  As I’m getting ready to do up some un-fun life stuff before getting into the next Buffy, S3 review, let us take a moment to once again dive into S8... I know, I know, don’t hit me… we’re almost done with it, I promise.

  Our issue today will be “Last Gleaming” part III a.k.a. Issue 38.

  Our main players to focus on today are: Buffy, Willow, Spike, Giles, Dawn, and Xander.

Our Characters - Fine To The Last Breath!

Buffy: Buffy is still catching up with the plot and doesn’t get a kudo outta it.

Willow: Willow is really shining here in leading the charge to protect the Seed and manages to get between Buffy and The Master, which is no small feat. I’ll issue her a Half-KUDO.

Spike: I can’t issue Spike a kudo for anything, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate his presence.

Giles: I’ve also nothing to pin a kudo ribbon on Giles for.

Dawn: Naught for Dawn, but it’s nice that she’s not running.

Xander: Nada for Xan, but like Dawn, it’s right for him to be here.

Poor Angel. I’m gonna have pity and issue him a Half-KUDO for trying to resist Twilight Manticore … but he’s in way too deep to say “no” now.

I’ll issue General Voll a Half-KUDO for FINALLY getting on the right side of things… and ditching Amy and Warren was really nice, too.

I’m also issuing Riley and the Human Troops a Half-KUDO for remaining and fighting alongside the Slayers, despite being outclassed by the demonic hoard rushing in from random directions.

And while we’re at it, let’s give a Half-KUDO to the Random Slayers who are staying at their posts and fighting even as they see each other being overwhelmed all around them. Yes, it’s their duty and calling and blah-blah but Simone has proven that being a Slayer is still a choice at some level and these girls could be slipping away easily enough in the chaos.

Our Characters - Completely Useless!

Buffy- Well. Maybe Buffy should’ve had her guard up around Angel’s return, just because of what has happened so far. But, I’ll not hold it against her enough for a demerit.

Willow- I don’t like the way that Wills has been holding back from sharing, but she finally tells Buffy about her meeting with Aluwyn. At times I also wondered if Willow was actively misleading Buffy to protect the Seed over everything else but by the end of the issue I was on her side. No demerits

Spike- Spike doesn’t annoy -- no demerit.

Giles- No demerits for the Watcher, though of course I do wish he’d clued in Buffy or Willow much sooner on this Twilight business -- back when it was just a possibility.

Dawn- No demerit for Dawn, but I think she needs to put more “reflexively dodge” practice time in.

Xander- No demerits to pin on Xan.

Voll’s turning over a new leaf starts out with his killing one of the Bug Crew to escape. It’s not exactly confidence building: Half-DEMERIT [he was being kept prisoner indefinitely after all].

Bug Crew gets a Half-DEMERIT for not handling prisoner security much more seriously -- like not having single guards entering detention cells.

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