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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel, S6


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments:

Angel, Season 6, Issue 38 - the one where the Jaro Hull Warrior subplot and the Spike’s Mysterious Soul Issue subplot are very quickly resolved as IDW is short of time to wrap up their main plot arc -- James/Myr the false-angel of the Lord.

Our Main Players will include: Angel, Connor, Spike, Eddie Hope & Illyria.

Our Characters Show The Awesome!

Angel: It’s interesting that Angel would step away from Angel Investigations to give Connor his shot at leadership. I’m not ready to offer a kudo on the decision, but I do appreciate his doing this.

Connor: I’m going to give Connor a Half-KUDO for stepping into the role of leadership and working on becoming his own kind of man, outside of Angel’s legacy.

Spike: I’ve nothing to issue a kudo for, but I did like some of Spike’s moves against the Jaro Hull Sisterhood.

Hope: Nothing for Eddie.

Illyria: Nothing for Illyria, though I did like her taking down Eddie with one face-plant using those convenient horns of his.

I have to issue a Half-KUDO to Mr. Polyphemus for proving that he can in fact do some actual good in a physical fight, as he uses his body to effectively distract and knock down the Jaro Hull Sisterhood.

I’m going to issue Kate a Half-KUDO for recognizing the weak point on the Jaro Hull armor and taking good advantage of it, also allowing Laura to do some good.

Our Characters Fail!

Angel: No demerits for the big lug.

Connor: Connor doesn’t get easily manhandled this issue, so no demerit.

Spike: With the James mess to deal with, I’m annoyed at Spike for running off to Las Vegas at this particular moment and issue a Half-DEMERIT for some awful timing.

Eddie: Eddie is a poser next to Illyria, but he doesn’t get a demerit (except for that whole targeting Gunn thing - but we already handled that earlier).

Illyria: Illyria is also getting a Half-DEMERIT for choosing to leave L.A. now, when they know that Myr is up to some really serious shit.

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