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  I've been spending much time lately scanning through YouTube for combo-universes featuring The Walking Dead verse. Now, it hasn't been fruitless -- I've found some "likes", but I haven't gotten any favorites that have broken through my frozen heart to make me fall in love. So with the moving picture venue not capturing me like I want, I'm turning to FanFic. But, I've just not the patience to spend hours upon hours going through every story site looking for the right characterizations to capture my mind and transport me to another universe. I'm hoping that some of you, my dearest readers, are just that sort of person. I'm seeking stories -- either completed, or a WIP from an author with a track record of regular updates... say within 2 months of each preceeding chapter... combining the following:

DVD cover S2B          +          b_seasB


DVD cover S2B          +          supernaturalB

Or, the bestest of all...

DVD cover S2B          +          supernatural          +          b_seasB

Now, there is a caveat or two. In my YouTube browsing [and this may come off as bashing, but it's not meant to be -- it's just not my thing -- AT ALL], I've noticed that the same images end up used of SMG in roles other than Buffy. This is cool beans. What isn't cool for me is how they're constantly used to show Buffy falling apart over some guy and ending with her throwing herself off a building [The Grudge 2, I presume], or putting a gun in her mouth, or being tied up and gagged and being all panicked weepy [usually prisoner of the Governor] instead of snapping her ropes and kicking ass, or having an affair with Rick while Lori is still in the group and then being weepy-mopey about it.

I don't understand the need to make Buffy weak and dependent on Rick (or Daryl has been used as Buffy's savior/heartbreaker, too).

So -- I don't wants me some weak, weepy Buffy. I want my Slayer, bowed but not broken due to the Apocalypse. I also have no pairing issues, except that Buffy shouldn't be carrying on with a married man unless it's carefully constructed and you, my recommender - with my preference in mind, can honestly say the situation was completely well handled due to the characterizations and how the lead up to the affair built the groundwork to justify it.

I'm not putting any restrictions on the story's mood or what happens to the other characters for good or ill. I do have a bonus wish for a story where Dawn comes into her own, but that's not a requirement. It also doesn't matter to me if it's a small story following only Buffy, or only Sam, or only Dean or whether their extended casts come into play as well. It should also be noted that I don't mind if Angel and his cast comes into the story either... he's just not my focus interest at this time.

So... if you've got something that caught and held your attention I would love a link in the comments so I can rush there.

As for other review news: the next Buffy review will be posted this evening; it's for the Season 10 comic.

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