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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Time once again for a “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” posting; this time we’ll be taking a look at Angel’s Season 6, Issue 37.

Our issue concerns having to explain the Soul Eater’s claims about Spike’s soul-status and finding Connor and where he went to. These threads need to be tied up because our Big Bad is naturally Myr and his plans for his “property”. And all of this needs to be nicely tied in a bow before DH takes over the title.

Our Main Focus Characters in this issue are: Angel, Spike, Laura Weathermill, Mr. Polyphemus, and Eddie Hope.

Our Characters - We’re So Proud!

Angel- It’s nice seeing Angel using some subterfuge once in a while to avoid pointless fights. But I’m not issuing a kudo just for tricking the Jaro Hull ladies.

Spike- Spike’s got nothing to be proud of in this issue -- though with his soul-issue going on, it’s no wonder. Still, no kudos.

Laura- I’ve nothing to praise Ms. Weathermill for.

Polyphemus- Likewise, the Ball-of-Convenience gets no laurels.

Eddie- Eddie just embarrasses himself; no kudo.

Our Characters - It’s Humiliating to Know Them!

Angel: Angel’s bitch-act right out of the gate isn’t helping anyone and was rather counterproductive. He gets a Half-DEMERIT for the dumb.

Spike: Some of Spike’s comments are below the belt, but I’m going to let him slide because of his whole soul parasite deal.

Laura: Nothing wrong with Ms. Weathermill’s performance.

Polyphemus: I’ve also nothing to slam the Ball for.

Eddie: Eddie is really not acting on the straight and narrow. And, I think killing Gunn is causing more of a conflict than he wants to acknowledge, but he’s just easily scattered in this one. I’ve already given him a demerit for targeting Gunn for things he didn’t technically do, so I’ll issue a Half-DEMERIT for his clumsy fighting.

I have to issue Connor a Half-DEMERIT for, apparently, being taken captive so easily… again… what was that about being called The Destroyer, again?

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