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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Good Morning. I hope everyone is finding a way to stay warm… as I’m not… stupid winter.

We’ll be posting another “Best Of / Worst Of” entry this morning. Our concern this time out is Buffy’s Season 8, Issue 37 when explanations come flying thick and fast for what this entire Twilight Bruhahah as been about.

And of course, we’ll be returning to Sunnydale to stop one more apocalypse. Because Buffy just can’t escape, even when the town is a ruined crater.

Our Focus Characters this issue are: Buffy, Angel, Spike, and Willow.

Although with so much talking and traveling, I believe we’ll be hard pressed to find any fine or appalling moments. But, let’s take a look:

Our Characters Are Heroic!

Buffy: I’ve got no kudo to hand over to our Slayer.

Angel: It’s nice to see Angel fighting on the side of the good guys again, but I’m feeling a little stingy about the praise, all things considered. I’ve not the kudo to give.

Spike: Give it to Spike for doing the work to understand what is happening -- somewhat shocking, actually as I’d expect Willow and Giles to handle this information dumping. I’ll issue him a Half-KUDO for figuring out where they need to go and what they need to protect.

Willow: Nothing being handed to Wills.

Aluwyn gives Willow a vital clue to what needs to be. But she’s also being driven by selfish ends. I’m torn on whether to give her a kudo for her help or not. Ultimately, I think I’ll side on not.

I’m going to issue a Half-KUDO also to the Bug-Crew. This really isn’t there fight, except for embracing Spike’s leadership and his issuing them orders to dive in. With a space ship, they could easily sit this one out, repair their vessel and take off to the other end of the galaxy. But they don’t.

Our Characters Disappoint!

Buffy- No demerits.

Angel- I’m not issuing a demerit this time out.

Spike- I’ve nothing to slight Spike over… though I’m bored with both his and Angel’s tug of war over Buffy’s affections.

Willow- I’ve nothing to issue Willow a demerit over… although, I’m going to admit that I was a little concerned with her insistence on nobody being allowed anywhere near The Seed. There is a hint of her putting her concern for accessing magic over the safety of Earth… but that may have been just me misinterpreting her actual motives.

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