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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy.


Hey gang. Sorry for not having Angel's issue #10 ready today. I was up all night and my eyes are grit-filled and sore as all hell and I'm just... "thinking? ew... no" about it.

But I want to post something. After all, I wouldn't want you all to go through withdrawal at missing my wittisms and sharp insights. So... Best/Worst Of Character Moments, anyone?

Today's subject is the first issue of the final arc in the Twilight saga! Hooray! Except that we have several more issues, so Boo!

I'm so confused!!

Issue 36's focus characters will include: Angel (especially flashback Angel pre-Twilight, although Twi-Angel isn't
completely horrible in this one), Spike and Buffy. Everybody else is relegated to the odd panel.

Our Characters - We Hug 'Em!

Angel- Twi-Angel did manage to save a jet full of people, and without even having a chance to practice his powers.
He's issued a Half-KUDO.

Spike- Spike doesn't earn any kudos, but it's nice he dropped in with some answers and some assistance.

Buffy- Nothing for Buffy; it's harder to earn kudos when you're super powered.

Our Characters - I Turn My Back On You!

Angel: No demerits for Angel.

Spike: Oh, Spike. Crashing into Big Ben isn't all that funny. DEMERIT - not that you care.

Buffy: Buffy also doesn't annoy.

Technically I should give Willow a half-demerit for that stunt with Angel's transformation right in the middle of a huge demon battle. But I shall not issue it, because it felt too good seeing it. And he deserves much worse.

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