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Fourth YouTube Listing


My Fourth Batch of Favorited Videos on YouTube:

59. Place for no hero (The Walking Dead) - The refrain says it all, "This ain't no place for no hero, This ain't no place for no better man, This ain't no place for no hero, To call home". Every time our survivors try to be the decent people, there is somebody telling them that they can't live that way anymore in this new post-apocalypse world.

Composer: Shainira, Music: "Short Change Hero", The Heavy

60. The Price Of Immortality (Torchwood, SPN) - When The Miracle Day arrives, Sam and Dean are pulled into the mystery with the Torchwood team. And the reason behind the "miracle" will pit them against one of Torchwood's own with human souls in the balance, not to mention the fate of Death, himself.

Composer: Rocksashka13, Music: "Prelude (Choir)" Pusher Music

61: Faith/Dean;Sam;Castiel - Lover I Don't Have To Love (BTVS/SPN) - Faith blows into the Winchester's lives and immediately things are turned upside down. For though Faith is pretty comfortable with the love 'em and leave 'em mentality, it's more difficult for the brothers when both of them were intimate with her. And even Castiel isn't completely immune to a Slayer's charms.

Composer: OceanMistVids, Music: "Lover I Don't Have To Love" Bettie Serveert

62: Eclipsed - Dean/Caleb (SPN/The Covenant) - Dean and Caleb practically grew up together and there is the impression that they were either involved at some point, or at least Caleb wishes they were. But Dean has become a hunter and Caleb has grown into a witch. We all know what Dean thinks of magic and those who practice it. How can this end well for either of them?

Composer: sparrowshellcat, Music: "Eclipsed" Evans Blue

63. Amy Madison - Buffy Story RPG (BTVS) - Amy Madison's development from victim to victimizer and just how lost she's really become.

Composer: Hechmi Kilani, Music: "Nobody's Home (NEW MIX)" Avil Lavigne

64. Faith/Dean; don't look back (BTVS/SPN) - Faith meets Dean. She ends up joining the Winchesters on the road, but then she gets hurt. She ends up in a coma, where she and Dean have a shared dream. Though Faith wakes up and heals fine (being a Slayer and all), Dean is concerned about their shared dream and what it will mean to her -- so he leaves Sam and Faith behind to keep them safe from whatever is coming for him.

Composer: SunnydaleRehab2, Music: "Dagger" Emily Jane White

65. The Supernatural Thriller (SPN) - Revisit the battles of Sam, Dean, Bobby and their extended family and friends. This is just really fun to watch! And I adore the opening of Michael's footsteps being played in sync with the arrival of Castiel.

Composer: Castiel108, Music: "Thriller" Michael Jackson

66. BTVS - Dark Willow - Lonely Day (BTVS) - Oh, my gosh. The whole tragedy of Season 6's Willow and the horrible, horrible event that pushes her over the edge... so well done... so sad. I really like this one because it doesn't focus on the rage of Dark Willow, but on the sadness of our Wills and the deep pain being hidden inside the rage.

Composer: SamNSaint Fools, Music: "Lonely Day" System of a Down

67. Buffy - Giles/Jenny - Simple Story (BTVS) - You know, if you've spent even a tiny amount of time on my BTVS Season 2 reviews that I was completely traumatized by Angelus' murdering Jenny Calendar. Someone, apparently wanting me to have my heart torn out again, has created this beautiful tribute to Rupert Giles' memories of the love lost. I don't know how I managed to miss it but the important thing is that I've found it now.

Composer: Dellaiesagain, Music: (I wish I knew so I could credit it here)

68. The Walking Dead - Too Far Gone Tribute (TWD) - I'm not usually a big "focus on a single episode" sort of guy when it comes to vids. I like more of a focus character, or overall arc or relationship focus. But this one is wonderfully done, using the lyrics of the song to great effect with the visuals and really highlighting this powerful episode. Losing characters on this show is becoming dreadful -- meaning that I'm actually dreading everytime we come to the mid-season and season finales because I just don't want to lose anymore. This is where the pain really started. Losing Herschel just killed.

Composer: DeadDoveProductions, Music: "Get Out Alive" (main version) Three Days Grace

69. The Walking Dead | Shane Walsh | Like A Man Possessed (TWD) - This one captured my interest for the visuals describing/recapping the relationship between Shane and Rick, and Shane and Lori and the way everything just blew up. The sad thing about Shane was that he kept showing these glimpses of really caring about Rick, but he couldn't stop his jealousy from twisting him around into the villain.

Composer: adelicateflower08, Music: "Like A Man Possessed" The Get Up Kids

70. Falling Inside The Black - Shane Walsh (TWD) - This is one that I had "liked" for quite awhile, but hadn't favorited. But I kept finding myself being drawn back to it, so I finally realized that I should just include it in the listing already! It's another look at Shane losing who he was before the apocalypse to become... I don't know... a twisted version of himself, or the real 'him' just waiting for an excuse to come out?

Composer: xxKajaMxx, Music: "Falling Inside The Black" Skillet

71. Rick & Daryl ~ (RICKYL) ~ Dark Paradise (TWD) - I'm not a huge fan of slash between Rick and Daryl because I like them as co-leaders of the group, but this one is edited in such a way that ... yeah, sure... okay - I can buy them being together.

Composer: gracefull mess, Music: "Dark Paradise" Lana Del Rey

73. Fred+Eleven+Illyria | We all fall down (Angel, Doctor Who) - Amy Pond finds an engagement ring and asks the Doctor if he plans on proposing to someone. He replies that it's just an momento of someone he knew once. That someone is Fred, until Illyria took her away and though the Doctor is undeniably gifted, there are some things even a TimeLord cannot change.

Composer: sheryloh, Music: "We All Fall Down" OneRepublic

74. It's a small crime, and I've got no excuse | Fitz/Ward  (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) - Fitz tries to understand how his friend, Ward, could have turned out to be a bad guy. Ward tells him that they are friends... and it's a weakness.... One which Ward is about to place behind him for good.

Composer: xosimplyvidsox, Music: "9 Crimes" Damien Rice

75. Oh, Jeezus. Fitz! The damage done to Leo has added up, and the manipulation in The Framework has only solidified his darkness... Oh, Fitz!
Leopold Fitz: What Happened to You? [Hint: Nothing but heartbreaking for anyone who loves him..., me included.]

Composer: Margarita Life; Music: "Unforgivable Sin" Ivan Dominik

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