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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Buffy.


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy

In our current issue, we have “The Power of Love” … a title that filled me with dread. Turns out that it wasn’t as bad as I feared… but there were some problems that did make it disappointing.

The biggest blow though was that I had thought that this issue ended the Twilight arc… but no… there is still more coming… *sob*

Our Focus Characters this issue are: Buffy, Angel, Giles, Xander, Willow and Dawn. We also get decent cameos for Andy, Faith and Kennedy not to mention Warren and Amy doing their parts for the good guys for a change. The gang plus is all here!

Our Characters Are So Very Good!

Buffy: Buffy gets major props for resisting Twilight, the Universe and the chance to be happy with Angel to do the right things for her friends - and forcing Angel to finally resist Twilight also. KUDO

Angel: As much as I don’t want to reward him too much, Angel did choose to join Buffy in turning his back on Twilight, even though not having to fight and suffer anymore is obviously Angel’s Achilles Heel. Half-KUDO

Rupert: Giles doesn’t get a kudo.

Xander: Xan doesn’t earn a kudo.

Willow: Willow is pretty awesome, dialog and attitude wise in this issue, but she doesn’t get to earn a kudo.

Dawn: I like Dawn’s taking over data coordination and actively participating in things. She doesn’t get to earn a kudo, though.

Andrew earns himself a Half-KUDO for putting himself between his frenemy Warren and an attacking demon. He pays the price.

Warren earns himself a Half-KUDO for putting himself between his fallen frenemy Andrew and the demon who wants to slaughter them both.

I’m also going to give Amy Madison a Half-KUDO for standing and fighting, up to getting injured herself, rather than teleporting away from the action. [Only a half, because really where is she going to go?]

Spike and the Bug Aliens deserves a KUDO for their joining the fray.

Our Characters Are So Very Wrong!

Buffy- No demerit for Buffy.

Angel- It sure does take Angel a long while of trying to get Buffy to ignore her family dying and Earth being destroyed before he comes out of the fog. Half-DEMERIT

Giles- He also doesn’t get a demerit, as that was covered last issue.

Xander- There isn’t a demerit for Harris.

Willow- Wills doesn’t earn a demerit.

Dawn- Dawn doesn’t do anything to earn a demerit.

Twilight Dimensional Consciousness gets a Half-DEMERIT for it’s logically questionable actions with Buffy, as is explained in the review commentary so I don’t want to explain it all here.

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