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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: X-Files


Welcome back to another posting of “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”. This time out, we’ll be taking a look at our favorite weird occurrences investigators, Agents Mulder and Scully. Our episode is the killer AI episode: Ghost in the Machine.

Our Characters Are Most Cool!

Fox: I really can’t give Fox a kudo for anything in this episode.

Dana: Scully gets a Half-KUDO for her aiming skills. Shooting out the electrical power box for the lethal fan blades she’s about to drop into, one handed is very impressive.

Our Characters Are Most Lame!

Fox- I’ll not demerit Mulder this time out.

Dana- I have no complaints toward Dana.

Jerry Lamana gets a DEMERIT, and just before getting himself killed too so he can’t make up for it, for stealing other people’s work and presenting it as if he’d done the profiling himself.

I also must give a DEMERIT to “Deep Throat” for not being far, far more careful with meeting Fox Mulder when he knows he’s involved in his own dangerous game with powerful men when he’s not with Mulder. He just gets very clumsy here.

We also have another DEMERIT to issue; this one goes to the C.O.S. artificial intelligence who tips off Scully to its invasion of her personal computer for no logical reasons. Sure is fortunate though in alerting Scully that something hinky is going on with her case when she’d thought that it had already been solved!

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