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11 January 2015 @ 04:36 pm
Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: SPN  

No, still not all the way through the latest Buffy review. I’m distracted by some newish games and updates from STEAM and, uh, playing games is easier. Not an excuse, because that’s too lame, but that’s the reason it isn’t done yet.

I’m also headed back to school to train for an entirely new career because I have to do something since nobody “up there” will put the winning lotto numbers in my hand  :-p  and I’m freaking out about the task.

So… all of this, but I’m posting? You know by now that means a “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” entry! I know, I know, these have become a quickie post but to be fair that is what they had always been meant for… it’s just as time went on I had such fun revisiting Buffy episodes to do them, that I expanded beyond the show to everything I review.

So, whose entry shall we be exploring this time out? Why, it’s SUPERNATURAL and our episode is the sometime dull, but overall enjoyable SCARECROW.

Our Characters Are Heroic:

Dean Winchester: Dean is the brother who did the leg work to figure out just what he was dealing with in the apple orchards and that earns him a Half-KUDO.

Sam Winchester: As much as I appreciate Sam going to find Dean when he can’t get him on the phone, he doesn’t do enough this episode to earn a kudo.

Our Characters Are Zeroes:

Dean- Dean’s attempts to influence people continue to be woefully heavy handed and counter-productive. I just find it shocking that this wasn’t a skill he’d acquired by now and he’s particularly inept and painful in this episode: Half-DEMERIT

Sam- Sam’s a bit bitchy in this one, but not enough to earn any demerits.

You know I have to give a group DEMERIT to the townsfolk. Murdering people every year to keep your town’s financial prosperity isn’t a justified trade.

But separate from the town’s residents, Aunt Stacey and Uncle Harley get their own DEMERITs. Even with the evil of sacrificing people to old gods, when you’re turning on your own family… a girl you’ve been raising for the last several years and the child of your dead relatives… well, you’ve gone way over the limit. I wish I had a super-demerit, but I’ll have to settle with the old god sacrificing them, instead.

John Winchester continues to be very tight lipped and uncooperative, not to mention just ice cold toward his kids. But I’m not issuing a demerit in this episode toward him. I’m still watching you, John.