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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Hello my wonderful readers. Are we ready for another posting of the “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”? And are we ready for it to be Angel-centric?

‘Cause that’s what we have here, is what I’m saying.

Our issue this time out is Season 6’s Number 35.

We’ll be scrutinizing the following especially: Spike, Connor, Laura Weathermill, Angel, Eddie Hope and Charles Gunn.

Our Characters Are Wise!

Spike: I’ve nothing to issue a kudo to Spike for.

Connor: It’s nice that Connor isn’t a total moron, but he doesn’t earn a kudo.

Laura: It’s also nice that Laura’s Watcher training comes in handy, but again that doesn’t earn a kudo.

Angel: Angel won’t be taking home a prize this time around.

Eddie: No, the demon will not get a kudo.

Charles: Gunn makes a dramatic escape and pushes the advantage nicely. Though I fear he’s outclassed and maybe should’ve just ran and hoped, I’m still giving him a Half-KUDO.

Our Characters Are Dunces!

Spike - I’m a bit annoyed that Spike believes all that prophecy crapola is the way to get to Buffy. He should really know her better than this. Half-DEMERIT

Connor - I won’t issue Connor a demerit here.

Laura - Laura, after having her ass handed to her a few issues ago by going into a room with a demon alone and unarmed does so again. Nothing bad happens since Liss isn’t interested in her, but seeing her take a precaution or two into the office with her would’ve been nice. I was torn between giving her a half-demerit or not, but think I’m going to let this one slide.

Angel - I found it a bit odd that Angel completely blows off Connor’s warning about the mysterious visitors waiting suspiciously for Angel and Spike to be in the same room. His response feels really short-sighted [and a bit OOC, to me] and earns him a Half-DEMERIT.

Hope - Eddie Hope not only turns his back on a prisoner he has made clear he’s planning on murdering, but then gets so wrapped up in a phone call that he fails to note the sounds of a crashing chair the prisoner is tied in? LAME - DEMERIT.

Gunn - I’ve nothing to issue a demerit at Gunn for; I probably would’ve went for the quick exit, but it’s a judgment call and there is no telling if Charles’ iron bar to the head isn’t a better course of action.

I’m going to have to give Baeden of the Jaro Hull a Half-DEMERIT for her interactions with the local law enforcement. She not only is putting words in Connor’s mouth and sounding both threatening and fascist toward the local officers, but she’s doing this when the Hull should have a better handle on how Connor wants this situation handled. And it isn’t making the local police suspicious and fearful of Angel Investigations.

I’m also issuing a Half-DEMERIT to Liss the Soul Eater. She’s easily as bad as Buffy at undercover work, if not worse [at least Buffster did better when infiltrating the Initiative to retrieve Riley and Oz].

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