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Wacky Dreaming: Some more Spike and Dru


Hey. Good Morning.

  As implied by the post header, I’ve a dream to share with you as it relates to my TV obsessions/reviews. This time was once again revolving around Spike and Drusilla. Huh… just like last time. And like last time, Spike and Drusilla weren’t actually in the same scene again. But it gets even stranger this time… I have to divide the Spike portion into two subjects. The first scene from a “this is live and happening” pov, while we then end up transitioning into a 3rd person, "this is on screen and I'm watching it" pov.

So part A: Spike and I are live and this is happening with me -- Spike and I were in a dank, dark basement. I know that we were being hunted, but I can’t be sure of what. It could’ve been human hunters, and I say this because part B led on directly from this ‘scene’ but I was seeing things that I wasn’t present within the scene to actually witness.

So anyway, Part A continues: Spike and I have maybe three other people with us who we were trying to protect. I’m going to say “people” loosely because their details were sketchy at best… as was the actual bad guys at this point.

So… basement. We were in a keep of some sort; I am sure of that much and the basement seemed more like a root cellar, but it had granite blocks for the floor and walls. We were discussing our odds, and what we could do to improve them until Willow, the wonder witch arrived.

[Isn’t it weird how William and Willow pair together in my dreaming, but Buffy is very rarely anywhere around or mentioned?]

I was telling Spike that things didn’t seem very promising but if he went down fighting, then I’d go down fighting beside him. He told me that wasn’t necessary, that if he could create a distraction, I should take our rescuees and run for it. He told me that he’d long ago forgiven that I’d been basically wanting him dusted long after he should’ve proven himself loyal.

[This may suggest we’re in post BTVS: TV Show territory, but being a vaguey dream it’s impossible to say.]

He then said that he’d have thought the same thing if another vampire had shown up acting the White Knight, soul or no soul thing going on, but we were friends now so the past is in the past. We then kissed, lips on lips, but it was a very chaste, friendship zone type kiss for both of us.

Spike then said that he was going to try to distract the hunters from coming downstairs any further, he made the usual good guy assurances that he’d be fine and that he could stay out of the crosshairs long enough for Willow to have pinpointed our location. He then used his vamp powers to climb up this central, building height chimney heating stack thingy. Don’t ask me to explain how that would work, but somehow it used to be used in the old, old days as a central furnace burning coal and it somehow heated the whole keep from that central location up through the middle of the keep. It had long since been dead, as this hiding place of ours was abandoned ruins.

This starts Part B: Somehow, my POV follows Spike into third person perspective so I can see everything he’s doing to protect us, even though I’m not there and there was nothing within the dream or my knowledge to suggest that I would have any type of Second Sight. So, I have to conclude that this was more like a show I was watching suddenly.

Spike somehow drew the three human hunters up the keep, rather than splitting up and continue their search for the ones I should currently be leading to safety. When Spike crawls up to the top, it turned out that this central stack led to a door of heavy, thick oak. Spike dashed out through this door, with the hunters somehow right behind him.

[It was without stairs, and the ‘scene’ didn’t show if the hunters had powers or were climbing -- they’re just suddenly there in the next scene].

After Spike had dashed outside, it was a gray day. We’d apparently been playing cat and mouse all night. Fortunately with the sun blocked, Spike was okay for the moment. The Keep had a touch of a tower shape in itself and seemed miles high built into a granite mountain as Spike and my POV swept the horizon. There seemed nowhere to go and he seemed trapped. The three hunters rushed out through the door, too and were just as shocked at where it led as Spike. This allowed our vampire to dash back inside with just enough time to send the hunters into a panic as they were on a very narrow ledge looking at a straight down drop.

[Which doesn’t make sense with what we saw of the central stack from the cellar. They should be seeing the rest of the keep’s structure around them on all sides if they look down, but whatever.]

After Spike gets back into the central heating stack, he gets the door locked on the three men. He tells himself in monologue that it won’t hold them for long, but it should be enough for the ‘prisoners’ to escape, by which I’m assuming he means the rescuees that I should be with at this time.

But, there is a problem. He’ll never get an escape himself at the rate of speed he could conceivably climb down the central stack. So, instead he opts to ready himself to jump down into the darkness of the defunct heating stack all the way to the bottom. He further blabs on aloud to nobody but himself that his legs are going to be shattered to hell, but hopefully either ‘Robert’ [which is why I have to assume I’m still in this part of the dream, even though I shouldn’t be seeing any of this if so and so also must be watching Spike on screen] or Willow should be able to get him up and out to safety.

Our dream switched to Dru before we could see this daring, suicidal drop into the stack.

My POV suddenly swapped, but I hadn’t woken up, so this is all the same dream. And again, I shouldn’t actually be witnessing any of this taking place - except toward the end, there is a hint that maybe this is all part of BTVS: The TV show and I’m watching it.

Drusilla is in a sweets and pastry shop and she’s with two other vampire minions of hers. One guy and one girl - she seemed sweet, naïve and ‘innocent’ for being a vampire. All of them were in human face. Drusilla tasted some sort of tart and was complimenting the clerk on how wonderful it tasted. She was sharing warm smiles with the girl vampire. The clerk proudly proclaimed that she made them herself. Dru told her that it reminded her of home.

This led to a Drusilla flashback of the time when she was in another pastry shop. The store clerk and patrons were slaughtered around her and she was with another pair of vampires - again a man and woman, but this time they were all in vamp face. She was also with a large, imposing male figure behind her who stayed utterly still and silent but had strength and power coming off of him in waves. Drusilla was finishing some sort of pastry dripping with honey and telling her silent companion how much she’d always loved honey pastries.

We come out of the flashback and Drusilla and her two companions are now on a railroad track following the behemoth man.

[He reminded me of a cross between the alien Engineer race of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and Buffy Season 2’s The Judge and I could tell that Brian Thompson was once again playing the role of the huge, imposing bad guy for the show.]

They come to a section of the track that used to cross a trellis, but that is long gone. The Big Grey Behemoth doesn’t even slow down and drops into the river below. We see him relentlessly marching along the bottom.

Up top, Dru’s minions aren’t much for following the behemoth into the dark, raging waters below. Drusilla says “when in Rome”… which doesn’t seem to be an apt metaphor, and commands that wherever he goes, they go.

Just before they take the plunge, I suddenly know that they’re headed for Sunnydale to fight Buffy.

[I had the sense that this would be in early Season 5-ish, maybe before Glory because I ‘knew’ Buffy had been happy and things seemed to be going well, despite Riley having left and I also ‘knew’ that she and Dawn seemed to be getting along lately for a change. I remember in my dream thinking “well of course, Dru would show up now with a new bruiser, since Buffy isn’t allowed to just be happy”; Then, I woke up and turned over to have a more bothersome dream about my personal hardship which is outside this entry’s scope.]

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