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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Other (Carnage)


Best Of / Worst Of… Other. In this case our ‘other’ would be the supernatural ghost tale of “Carnage”. On first blush, I cannot think of any main human characters that are going to get any kudos or demerits [oops, I forgot about the ending]… partially because the ‘haunting’ spends a lot of time very low key and partially because nobody does anything all that heroic or villainous.

But, my intention has always been to do one of these for every review entry on the site and I’ve decided to get this one in the ‘done column’. [And every means The Walking Dead, too but that is going to be a messy affair because of the heavy reliance on flashback storytelling in episodes that come after the event that would normally lead to a demerit for some characters… I’m probably going to put off those entries until the series is completed and I can rely on knowing the whole story.]

Our Focus Characters in this film are: Jonathon Henderson, his wife Carol and Carol’s best friend Ann

Our Heroes Are Good People:

Jon- I can’t give our husband a kudo for anything.

Carol- Carol is much more proactive about trying to find out what is happening around her, but she just doesn’t do anything with the information. I can’t give her a kudo.

Ann- I like how Ann has a few weird and awful experiences in her friend’s new house and is ready to pack up and get the hell out. She’s nothing, if not smart and earns a Half-KUDO for being even more justifiably worried than Carol is being... and actually wants to do something sensible with her information.

Our Heroes Disappoint!

Jonathon: I must give Jon a DEMERIT for the awful choice to leave his wife alone in the home after he saw the ghosts with his own eyes and watched them put a cleaver into the visiting minister. It’s appalling judgment that leads directly to the end.

Carol: I also must give Carol a DEMERIT for the same reasons as Jon. She stayed in the home alone with the killer ghosts who she knows damned well is there. And guess where it leads her?

Ann: Some of Ann’s behavior is really bratty, but then we get to know a bit of her mother and can see why. I’ll not issue a demerit her way.

I have a special, behind-the-scene DEMERIT to hand out to this production… well, not to the production. It’s being issued to the Dog Owner - who leaves his mutt out all day and night apparently to bark incessantly and unceasingly. I can’t understand how his neighbors can tolerate that without resorting to desperate measures against the dog.

I’m also issuing a DEMERIT to the ghosts of the house who are just awful people after death. Whatever brought them to this point, clearly they’ve embraced their rage at life and their selfish claims to the house in the extreme [as many ghosts do, actually -- they all get a demerit].

I’m issuing a Half-DEMERIT to Carol’s father who is a JERK, especially to his housekeeper and for no explainable reason.

I gotta give Ann’s mother a Half-DEMERIT for being such an unsympathetic mom to her daughter’s very real marital issues and doubts about her life, and just being relatively unpleasant toward her child.

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