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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel S6


With my next film review in the works, let’s take a moment to revisit Angel for a “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” entry today. If I can form a coherent thought anyway… we have wintery mix going on and I’m feeling very much like my brain is on half-wattage and I should be wrapped in a comforter on the couch and vegging out to the moving pictures on the tv screen, instead.

In this issue, the Angel crew will basically not be eligible for any rewards or demerits thanks to some crazy-cakery going around caused by Illyria’s hormones. If you’ll remember, she was asking Angel for permission to seduce his son out of left field. This is because the Old One has entered a brief reproductive period and needs to mate and as it happens, her horniness impacts the hormones of everyone else in her vicinity also. So, they’re all acting OOC for this issue.

But, we do have that hot hunk of Blue Demon, Eddie Hope who is in his right mind.

So… for focus characters: Eddie Hope, definitely. We can also list Gunn. I think we’ll have to list everybody else as special kudos/demerits depending on what their whacked out minds have had them do or not.

Our Heroes - High Five!

Eddie Hope: No kudos for Eddie.

Charles Gunn: Charles doesn’t get a chance for a kudo, considering he’s tied to a chair.

Although I’m not issuing a kudo, I do like Kate having gotten back her LAPD job and her getting back to some sort of balance after she spun out a bit with the revelations about the supernatural and her father, etc. that happened in Angel the Series.

I’m also going to give Connor a Half-KUDO for resisting Illyria’s advances through most of the issue. His concern about fatherhood allows some resistance to Illyria’s extreme pheromone production and he’s never sounded more mature.

Our Heroes - UGH!

Eddie Hope: I’ve already issued Hope a demerit for the Gunn thing, so he skates by in this issue but he’s still wrong.

Charles Gunn: Gunn doesn’t earn a demerit.

Sorry, Spike - Before the pheromone fun, Spike was inappropriate just barging into Laura’s room to discuss the bug he metaphorically has up his bum regarding prophecies. He’ll earn himself a Half-Demerit for that extreme rudeness.

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