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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy [also, it's New Year's Eve]


Happy New Year’s Eve, All.

  I wish I felt more Holiday-ey.

  Welcome to another edition of Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments. This post’s subject will be Buffy, and we’re taking a closer look at our characters in Season 8’s issue 34... unfortunately.

So, this one should be very difficult to find any moments of any character at all because we’re basically going to spend the whole of the issue watching and listening to Twi-Angel and Twi-Buffy banging one another. It’s very special, I assure you [by which I mean the exact opposite… and now I’m just rambling because I want to avoid having to go through the issue again as along as possible; But…].

  Our Characters to scrutinize will include: Willow, Xander, Andrew, Giles, Faith and Dawn. We will not be including Angel or Buffy in our focus list because honestly, who knows who is in the driver’s seats of their heads right now.

Our Characters Are… Uh… Not Gross.

Willow: Wills is the one to figure out that the Universe itself is urging Buffy and Twi-Angel onward, so for that insight I’ll give her a Half-KUDO.

Xander: I’ve not a kudo to share with Xan.

Andy: Andrew is a spectator in this one.

Rupert: Giles does get the full import of what is happening, and was even looking for a god-killing weapon to turn on Buffy and Angel if necessary. He gets a Half-KUDO.

Faith: I enjoyed Faith’s getting ready to punch Giles if he didn’t start spilling what he knew, but it’s not quite enough to get kudo action.

Dawn: Nothing for Dawn this time.

Twilight, as in the Consciousness, gets a large KUDO for an audacious plan to birth an entire new reality… and to actually be making it happen through Buffy and Angel.

Our Characters Are Stupid:

Wills- I have nothing against Willow this time out.

Xander- No demerits flying Xan’s way.

Andrew- Andy doesn’t do anything to irritate.

Rupert- Giles is really, really poor at explaining what he’s thinking - unusually. He continually makes vague pronouncements and unclear exclamations and it’s really irritating. But worse, he deliberately kept vital information from Buffy, Willow and Faith that could’ve been used to alter Angel’s mindset or kept Buffy from falling to Twi’s Influence (which I know that I issued a half-demerit to him for last issue, so he really can’t get a demerit for it this issue but….); He’s suddenly just the worst: DEMERIT.

Faith- I’ve no problems with Faith’s actions in this issue.

Twilight Consciousness gets a huge DEMERIT for taking actions that in retrospect seemed to make it less likely, not more, that Buffy and Angel would actually make it to the point where they’d bring its plan to fruition. The entire plot was seemingly designed to force Buffy to hate Angel, not to want to start a whole new reality with him… I guess it’s just lucky that she finally fell under its influence enough to overlook all of “Angel’s” actions throughout the entire year.

I’ve also already issued a creative team demerit, so won’t repeat myself… but just know that I really want to.

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