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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Oh, dear. Really diving into the Twit-light revelations now, kiddies. But one must do what one must with a stiff upper lip and a deep breath. So, join me won't you as we take a closer look at our characters strengths and faults in:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 08, Issue 33

Our main players to be praised or scorned are: Xander and Buffy, but we're going to have some interesting entries for our cameo players as well in this one.

Our Characters- Super Yay!

Xander Harris: Xander gives Buffy another pep-talk to get her back into action. He'll get a Half-KUDO.

Buffy Summers: Buffy gets a KUDO for not hesitating in trying to kill Angel. She picks up an entire tree, fashions a crude stake with it and sends it right into his chest. If he wasn't sharing her super powers he'd be ash. And I get the feeling that Buffy wanted it to work.

I suppose we need to give Amy, Warren and the U.S. Army members a Half-KUDO for switching sides now... better late than never.

But, I'm also giving Amy a Half-Anti-KUDO for managing to cloak Twilight's base three seconds in the future. It is both impressive and very clever.

Andrew gets a Half-KUDO for stepping up, arming himself and attacking Twilight while the latter is busy chiding Rupert and Faith.

Our Characters- Oh, F* YOU!

Xan- I've nothing to bitch at Xander about.

Buff- Oh... *blows out breath*. I don't think that I can issue any demerits for Buffy because I've come to the conclusion that she's under the Proto-Universe Conspiracy Mind Whammie by the time she's liplocking with Angel.

It certainly appears that Rupert Giles has had a strong suspicion of what has been happening long before now but has chosen not to share information with his two Slayers. And that has left us where we are... thanks, Giles... Half-DEMERIT.

And a big DEMERIT to the plotting and writing of this arc. It's messy, it's confusing, it's repeating the Buffy vs. Angel thing we've done to death by this point and it's unforgivably drawn out into more issues than was actually required. Which was expensive, buying wise, which pisses me off about as much as actually seeing what the plot does to our characters.

Guh... let's just move on quickly shall we... next up on Buffy we'll be getting into... AH, NO!!!!

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