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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Time again for a Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments posting. But before we take another look at Angel, Season 6 and Buffy, Season 8 - I am nearly done with the latest X-Files reviewage. Once we're done with it, the next reviews up will be for:

Angel & Faith, Season 2/Angel Season 8, Issue 09
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 10, Issue 09
Movie Review: Nightmare Castle, 1965
Movie Review: Frankenstein '80, 1972

But here and now, it's Angel's season 6, issue 33.

Our main focus characters are: Eddie Hope, Angel and Laura Weathermill. The rest of our cast are either not in the issue, or are cameo appearances.

Our Characters Leave Us Awed!

Angel- I'm not able to award a kudo to Angel.

Laura- Laura gets dispatched before she earns a kudo.

Eddie- Mr. Hope doesn't get a kudos.

I'm issuing a Anti-Half-KUDO to the way that James owned Laura and Angel after dropping his angelic being tale. It was pretty impressive.

Our Characters Leave Us Annoyed!

Angel: Nothing for Angel to be ashamed of... no demerit issued.

Laura: Ms. Weathermill... the Watcher's Council, folks!

Laura gets a Half-DEMERIT for idiocy. If you're going to accuse a super human of having played an elaborate deception, would you do it without any sort of plan in case it goes sideways? Would you be alone with the superhuman fraudster? Would you be shocked if you were attacked and disabled immediately for sticking your nose into the superhuman's nefarious schemes?

Only if you were a member of the Watcher's Council.

Eddie: I'm not sure if Eddie should be given demerits for not sticking to his list, because we don't know who made the list, why Eddie has this assignment or whether there is some concrete reason behind his having to only attack those on it. But, the fact that he wants to "punish" Charles for "crimes" he committed while he was a vampire is enough for me to issue him a DEMERIT. Charles Gunn wasn't in residence in Hell-Angeles... he shouldn't be held accountable for the things his body was forced to do while somebody else was in the driver's seat.

I'm not issuing a demerit to James/Myr for sending minions to destroy Angel when he could've done it just as easily himself, but... he really could be doing this just as easily himself and his excuse for not doing so is lame.

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