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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Supernatural


Ugh, I just cannot start this X-Files review due for some reason [utter fear of imminent bore and eyestrain from constant rolling?] so instead we’ll focus on another edition of “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”.

Let’s take a look this time out with Supernatural’s “Asylum”. Our focus characters in this edition, as is usual with our brothers, only include Dean & Sam Winchester. And our characters and their interpersonal drama is really the only highlight in this episode… but that’s reviewy-stuff and this is a character judgment post, so let’s get to it -

Our Characters: Cool Beans!

Adorable Dean: It was pretty cool of Dean to hand his brother his real pistol as a way to get Sammy to understand that he was under mind control… but making sure the gun was not actually loaded. Half-KUDO for thinking ahead before playing the “you don’t want to do this” card.

Our Sammy: Our Sam does get a lot of information from reluctant people. Of course we don’t actually get to see just how he pulls this off… Half-KUDO.

We have a special Half-KUDO going out to the haunting patient spirits, who aren’t trying to hurt anyone but are trying to warn the trespassers away from the evil spirit.

Our Characters: Soggy Turnips!

Jerky Dean: I have the same problems with Dean as Our Sam has, but he’s not earning himself a demerit over it.

Bitchy Sam: Sam’s character problem is easy to diagnose -- He’s acting like amateur hour by coming into a haunted asylum without carrying a single anti-ghost measure with him (at least up until he starts pulling stuff out of Hammerspace)! DEMERIT and a “You frickin’ idiot!”

In universe we have a posthumous DEMERIT to Doctor Ellicott, who engaged in truly horrendous medical experiments on his patients. I do believe he honestly wanted to help alleviate their suffering, but his methods were unethical and barbaric… beyond even the limited scope of mental hospitals of the era.

We have a special out-universe DEMERIT going out to the Continuity Police who did a horrible job to ensure that we see things existing and with the Winchesters before they pull entire shotguns out of their asses [Sam especially seems to have a deep ass crack for items].

We have another out-universe special DEMERIT going to the Lighting Director. This set is lit up like every room has a dedicated klieg light in the corner. It’s awful!

And since this one is so short, I do believe I’ll be posting another Best Of in a bit for one of our movie reviews….

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