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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Time once again for a Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments post, where we’ll be investigating the focus characters of Angel: Aftermath - i.e. Angel Season 6, Issue 32 where in addition to the Angel crew, we’ll also be taking a peek at what the demon Eddie Hope is up to.

So, that makes our focus characters: Eddie Hope, Connor, Gunn, Spike, Angel, and Illyria.

Our Characters Are Masterful!

Eddie- Eddie is chivalrous, I’ll give him that. But does he deserve a kudo is the question. I think his quick response to a woman in need was admirable, even though it was a trick. I’ll issue a half hearted Half-KUDO.

Connor- Connor’s interrogation of Felicia Valentine worked despite her claims of knowing the good cop/bad cop routine, so he deserves some credit for persuasiveness to find out where his father disappeared. Half-KUDO

Gunn- Gunn doesn’t earn a kudo, but I am giving him some acknowledgement of his utter coolness in dressing Connor down right back about incidents that he was involved in when he wasn’t a vampire. Connor is the LAST one to sit in judgment of somebody else… especially when it comes to Gunn’s actions while he wasn’t even ‘in residence’. That was pretty awesome, Gunn.

Spike- I’ve no kudos to issue to Spike.

Angel- I’m not going to issue a kudo to Angel, but I do approve of his taking down Innovation Labs.

Illyria- Illyria is also without a kudo.

Our Characters Are Disappointments!

Hope- Okay, so Eddie was too quick to jump to a woman’s defense without knowing the situation. How was he to know it was Gwen Raiden, who very rarely needs actual help? I’ll not fault him in this case.

The Destroyer- Connor is really a pissy, little shit. I understand he’s still traumatized by being killed in Hell-Angeles by Vampire!Gunn… but the key words are “Vampire!” and that isn’t Gunn’s fault. His dressing down of Charles was really harsh and uncalled for… Half-DEMERIT.

Charles- He doesn’t get a demerit for anything in this issue.

William- Spike doesn’t earn any demerits this time out.

Liam- What I don’t appreciate is his destroying the labs with a building fire… that is only putting firefighters’ lives at risk to accomplish something that could’ve been done some other way. Half-DEMERIT

Old One- I’ll not issue Illyria a demerit.

I’ve got a special conundrum with Laura Weathermill: I’m very uneasy with her simply gunning down human beings… even those who are misusing magic to create “souled-that-aren’t” vampires for Innovation Labs -- she’s not in direct danger, so these killings are murder. On the other hand, if it was the Winchesters and I was watching Supernatural, would I have these concerns? And, isn’t it true that misuse of magic does make these Romani and witches a real threat ultimately that should be dealt with? But is it up to Laura, working freelance, to go around killing people? But who is to say there was a better, non-lethal way or whether it was the right thing to do to put a stop to these malpracticing magic users right now? Well, in this posting I make the call… and I’m finding myself unable to make the call. I guess I’m letting Laura slide while also keeping a close eye on her next steps.

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