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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Yay, a review done and posted! And for an excellent, tense episode too, by the way. But before we dive into the I’m-not-looking-forward-to-it review of the X-Files episode up next, let’s take a look at “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”, shall we?

This segment will focus on BTVS, Season 8, Issue 32 where Buffy pretends to be Supergirl.

Our focus characters are: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Dawn, Giles, Faith and Andrew.

Our Characters Are Wondertastic!

Buffy: Buffy is super annoying with her superpowers so she gets no kudos.

Xander: Nothing for Xander, either.

Willow: Wills doesn’t earn a kudo this time around, either.

Dawn: Dawn is the only one to actually question the source of Buffy’s new abilities and worries about the Monkey’s Paw Doctrine. She earns a Half-KUDO for trying to point it out to uncaring ears.

Giles: No kudos for Rupert.

Faith: No kudos for Faith.

Andrew: Andy recognizes pretty quickly what has happened to them and who must have done it by the technological gizmos in the room. On the other hand, the clues were really, really obvious. I don’t think I can give him a kudo.

Warren gets an Anti-KUDO for his Nerdgasm Wonders. He may be copying from comic stories, but that doesn’t stop the technological creations from being any less impressive.

Twilight gets an Anti-KUDO for all of the Slayers he managed to wipe out while our “heroes” are busy playing games with Willow’s returned magic and Buffy’s new powers.

Our Characters Are Suckdoodle!

Buffy- Did I mention that Buffy was annoying with her new powers? ‘Cause she is and she gets a Half-DEMERIT for not listening to her sister’s warnings or taking her new outta-nowhere powers seriously.

Xan- You know what’s more annoying than Buffy with superpowers? A super friend fan. Xander also gets a Half-DEMERIT for not wondering a lot more seriously about where Buffy is getting these new powers from and what it means.

Wills- Damn it, Willow. Dawn is right -- of all people to just assume that Buffy’s been granted super-duper powers out of the goodness of somebody’s heart…. I’m very disappointed and you get a Half-DEMERIT.

Dawnie- No demerits for Buffy’s sister.

Rupert- No demerits for Rupert.

Faith- I don’t think it was necessary to hit Andy for geeking out, especially when he was trying to tell everyone that he recognized the hints he was seeing as to where they were. Half-DEMERIT

Andy- Wells doesn’t earn a demerit.

Twilight earns a Half-DEMERIT for indulging Warren’s fancy… I can’t even imagine the wasted resources dumped into recreating the Enterprise bridge or what purpose that was supposed to serve.

I’m also giving Giles and Xander a shared DEMERIT for somehow not thinking that the rest of the Slayer teams should know to go into hiding and/or arrange for them to be spirited away to Tibet [or some other magically blind spot] as well. There were a lot of deaths that didn’t need to happen.

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