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Wacky Dreaming ... it's been so long!


Wow, last night was really awful sleep-wise. My stress level is through the roof, which I’m only mentioning because it explains the broken sleep patterns of the last several weeks.

But a side effect of this are some doozies when it’s come to dreaming and for the purposes of this post, a specific dream which qualifies for my Wacky Dreaming segment.

This one co-starred Drusilla and Spike, but they weren’t in the same “scenes” and the transition between part A of the dream and part B was abrupt.

Part A: I lived in a house that I’ve seen before in previous dreams, which was not in the piece of sh** that I’m living in now. But it still had some structural issues, so it wasn’t that far from my personal daily hell… how nice….

Anyway, it started on the glassed-in back porch. The back door didn’t properly lock, so I had to wrestle with the door a bit to get it latched and then stack things in front of it just to make sure it stayed closed. I wasn’t particularly worried about this because the island (I still lived on Harsens in the dream) was peaceful.

Following this, I turned out the lights and was on my way to bed. For some reason, my roommate was… yep… Spike. For another some reason, he was sleeping even though it was late night. For another, another some reason, I needed to slip into his room to check for something which seemed very important to me… important enough that whatever I was looking to retrieve had me really upset and worried. I know that it was an object of some kind and I was very afraid that Drusilla would find her way to it. Spike was souled, so I wasn’t concerned with his having access to the object, only that it was kept in his room and ergo wasn’t constantly under my watchful eye.

I felt around his shelves in the darkness, feeling for the object of concern. I should mention that I have the impression that it was some type of statue maybe, or knickknack and not the Ring of Amara -- which is tied to some things that happened in the Dru portion of the dream. So, I was feeling in the darkness for whatever this object was that I was worried about. Spike’s voice was low in the darkness and concerned, but not angry that I was in his room rooting around. Instead he told me to just come to him, which I did.

Spike put his arms around me, and I started to weep due to fear and stress at having the object so close and vulnerable but not where I could see it. He told me it would be alright and then laid me down. He was under the blankets and I was fully dressed -- this wasn’t a sex dream. So, I lay there weeping with worry and he was holding me and telling me that things were going to be fine.

Part B: Then in a very abrupt transition, I was standing outside of an office building of some sort. I was keyed up for battle, very afraid and full of adrenaline. Out of the office and into the daylight, without ill effect, strode Drusilla decked out in black and in full fang mode.

I engaged her in hand to hand, but she was so powerful. And instead of just her nails, she had palmed two full length straight razors in one palm, so that the cutting blades were acting like a brass knuckle sort of set up [don’t ask me how that would be especially effective -- it just was]. She wore a grin from ear to ear and I managed to get sliced up deep from the straight razors. I had to fall back.

Drusilla strolled down the street, which were these narrow, winding alleyways like I imagine walking around Venice or the backstreets of Rome might be. I have no idea whether this was the island still, or elsewhere.

She wandered down the alleyways alternating between being in shadow and crossing into sunlight without any problems, as I followed behind her.

Dru stopped in mid-street where two elderly women instantly recognized who she was. They were both about to go down this manhole in the middle of the alley which I intuited immediately led into an apartment building, but with Dru’s arrival, both ladies fled. Drusilla went down into the drainage pipe instead, while I tried to recover from my razor wounds and figure out how to stop her without getting killed.

Suddenly the ladies who fled were standing outside of the apartment building and shouting to the people inside to get out of the building because of vampires. I couldn’t see any doors from this vantage point, which appeared to be the rear of the building. It was all just row upon row, maybe six or seven floors tall and maybe eight rows long, of windows looking out on the building on the other side of this narrow alley.

From inside there was a combination of yells of alarm and people shouting from the windows to the ladies below trying to find out what all of the commotion was about. I was just starting down into the manhole to chase after Drusilla for another confrontation with her razors when I awoke.

Drusilla was bad-ass and her brass-knuckle-straight razors were formidable. You can see also how I might be a tad pee-my-pants at having to fight her alone without any powers [this was also not a super power dream]. I don’t even think I had a stake on me, which seems now to be rather stupidly shortsighted. The Spike thing was just odd because of there being zero mention of anyone else in the Buffyverse, any intuited knowledge of why Spike would be living in Michigan at my house, or what the object was or why it was so important. One could guess it had to do with Dru’s sudden daywalking ability, but that wasn’t explicit in the dream. Once Part B began, it seemed to be completely distinct from anything that had happened in Part A even though both parts took place during the same dream.

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